Saturday, September 23, 2017

Add it up

The yard signs for November's election are starting to pop up. In my opinion, the school board race is the most critical.


Consider who is asking for more transparency in the Post-Gazette's Debate continues over Mt. Lebanon schools' capital campaign. Mike Riemer and Stephen Strotmeyer

Who have been to known to make personal attacks, roll their eyes, and be disrespectful toward their colleagues and inquiring residents? Birks, Cappucci, and Remely

Who is under investigation with the PA Ethics Commission? Birks

Who had to resign because of the nepotism policy and for the hiring of her son, a Mt. Lebanon School District teacher? Cappucci

Who is running to replace herself on the school board? Cappucci

Who hired Timmy? Cappucci and Remely

Who was part of the team that negotiated the current Act 93 agreement for our District administrators (Jan Klein)?  Cappucci

Who is a Century of Excellence Capital Campaign chair who originally claimed that $1.5 million were raised, but then back peddled when we learned that the campaign had more expenditures than revenue and pledges combined. Her bio now claims that "the Campaign has raised nearly $1 million." Caste

Which candidates are endorsed by their political committees? Riemer, Strotmeyer, Diamond

Which incumbents were excluded from the Timmy Ticket? Mike Riemer and Stephen Strotmeyer

Whose yard sign is going in my yard?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

We hit pay dirt!

The discussion of the loan for the capital campaign was on March 11, 2013. The podcast is available on my website, March 11, 2013 School Board Discussion Meeting Podcast
If that link doesn't work, here is the podcast to download. Agenda is posted here and saved in Google Docs here.

Capital Campaign Counsel – The Board will discuss the engagement of Campaign Counsel for a potential Capital Campaign.

Who is Capital Campaign Counsel? Why it is Pursuant Ketchum with lead consultant being Elliott Oshry for the low, low price of $184,000 paid over two years. Where does it say all that in the meeting minutes from the following week Another Right To Know for the Consulting Services Agreement with Pursuant Ketchum, I guess.

God Bless Scott Goldman. He asked the important questions twenty seven minutes into the meeting. Jan Klein said that $200,000 may be used as seed money for the campaign. It would be done via a transfer of assets, something she does frequently. It would be listed as a loan to be paid to the General Fund. It would not be included in the base budget. No problem, because this campaign will be self sufficient and it would be paid off. Jan said that it isn't permitted unless it is a loan to be paid off! It was not voted on because Jan said they do that all the time. It would be in a separate fund. Yikes!

So the loan/investment seed money was never approved by the school board!!!

Did Jan Klein "invest" illegally?

Brief rest over.

Authorized Types of Investments for Pennsylvania School Districts:
Section 440.1(c) of the School Code authorizes the types of investments school districts may have:
  • United States Treasury bills.
  • Short-term obligations of the United States Government or its agencies or instrumentalities.
    Short-term obligations usually refer to investments of less than 13 months.
  • Deposits in savings accounts or time deposits or share accounts of institutions insured by The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), or The Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, or The National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund to the extent that such accounts are so insured, and for any amounts above maximum, provided that approved collateral as provided by law therefore shall be pledged by the depository.
  • Obligations of the United States of America or any of its agencies or instrumentalities backed by the full faith and credit of the United States of America, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or any of its agencies or instrumentalities. Full faith and credit means the obligation is backed by the government’s ability to levy taxes to repay debt. These investments include any bonds issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or any municipality or school district carrying the backing of the taxation powers of the governmental unit issuing the debt. Some investments of the federal government do not have full faith and credit backing. Fannie-Mae (FNMA) and Freddy-Mach (FNMC) bonds do not. Ginnie-Mae (GNMA) bonds do have full faith and credit backing.
     • Shares of an investment company registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 whose shares are registered under the Securities Act of 1933 provided that the following are met:
    Only investments of that company are in the authorized investments for school district funds listed in the categories above, and repurchase agreements fully collateralized by such investments.
    The investment company is managed so as to maintain its shares as a constant net asset value in accordance with 17 CFR 270 2a-7 (relating to money market funds).
    The investment company is rated in the highest category by a nationally recognized rating agency.
    This classification includes pooled investments such as the Pennsylvania School District Liquid Asset Fund, Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust and the Pennsylvania State Treasurer’s Invest Program.
    Any purchase or sale of investments shall be made by the treasurer of the school district on a resolution adopted by the board of school directors.

"A brief rest"

I am getting a few unapproved comments/complaints about my constant pounding of the school board. Give it a brief rest, I'm told. Well, this is for you, my friend.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September 18, 2017 School Board meeting!5

Watch the color of the cheerleader's face turn red. It is not your TV.

The most under appreciated holiday

Ahoy! Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Who knew that an injury from a racquetball game would result in an international holiday? Arrrr!

Until recently, the school board has been saying "Aye" to everything. They have been speaking (and acting) like pirates for years. Same with the commission!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Entire Feasibility Study posted - hopefully MTLSD got it right this time! UPDATED 092017

The entire feasibility study has now been posted.

Updated September 20, 2017 12:02 PM The podcast to the Sept. 17, 2012 meeting for the Special Pursuant Ketchum Feasibility Study Report is available here.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Good catch!

The following email was sent to the school board directors this evening.

From: Nicholas Meduho Jr
To: Bill Cooper ; Bill Moorhead ; Dan Remely ; Hugh Beal ; Larry Lebowitz ; Mary Birks ; Mike Riemer ; Sarah Olbrich ; Stephen Strotmeyer 
Cc: Tim Steinhauer 
Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 8:09 pm

Subject: feasibility study 

For as much as I appreciate the Pursuant Ketchum feasibility study (saved in Google Docs) being posted online for the public to view, there seems to be quite a few pages missing.

It appears that only odd number pages were supplied, quite a few of the recommendation steps are missing and there are references to information that is not being shown.

Can we please get the entire feasibility study posted?

Thank you,

Nicholas Meduho
Mt. Lebanon, PA

Subsequent email:

I wanted to mention too, some of the appendices are missing as well.

Thanks again.

November 2014...the district prepares to move out of the “quiet phase”
One task wrapping up includes organizing committees to work with different groups of potential donors, like alumni or faculty; the campaign also is gathering volunteers to host “awareness” events at their homes, said Superintendent Timothy Steinhauer. 
“You try to get the majority of contributors before you make a big public splash, so you can say, ‘We have this much of our $6 million campaign done, now we need your help,'” he said. He declined to say how much had been pledged so far.
So far, nobody has pointed the finger at Timmy, so  I will. I have all of Timmy's goals listed below. Where are his 2017-2018 goals?

Steinhauer's goals 2009-2010
Steinhauer's goals 2010-2011
Steinhauer's goals 2011-2012
Steinhauer's goals 2012-2013
Steinhauer's goals 2013-2014
Steinhauer's goals 2014-2015
Steinhauer's goals 2015-2016
Steinhauer's goals 2016-2017
Steinhauer's goals 2017-2018

School board meeting is set for tomorrow, September 17, 2017 at 7:30. Here is the agenda.

Bookmark this link for school board meeting videos

Friday, September 15, 2017

Mt. Lebanon capital campaign fundraising program questioned

Mt. Lebanon capital campaign fundraising program questioned
But the campaign has fallen far short of its original goal to raise $6 million and instead has been operating in the red in the past several years, board members learned during a heated meeting Monday.
 Mt. Lebanon residents have been questioning Jan Klein's creative financing for years. Nick Meduho has been following up by questioning:

Please explain the following…

Item below is from the website that was posted on Wednesday:

Item below is from a right to know that I received on Tuesday:

Fiscal year ending 6/30/2015 disbursements went from ZERO on Tuesday to $3790.00 on Wednesday.

Fiscal year ending 6/30/2017 disbursements went from $112,081.42 on Tuesday to $132,331.42 on Wednesday.

How can you go from one set of numbers to another in less than 1 day and why is wrong information being given to the taxpayers who are funding this thing?

Is it ok to change these numbers years after an audit?

So what are the correct numbers?

“Oh what a tangled web we weave”

Item below is from the website that was posted on Wednesday:

Item below is from a right to know that I received on Tuesday:

Fiscal year ending 6/30/2014 fundraising expenditures went from $234,969.57 on Tuesday to $233,569.57 on Wednesday.

Fiscal year ending 6/30/2015 fundraising expenditures went from $159,552.14 on Tuesday to $155,202.14 on Wednesday.

Fiscal year ending 6/30/2016 fundraising expenditures went from $131,241.32 on Tuesday to $130,121.32 on Wednesday.

Fiscal year ending 6/30/2017 fundraising expenditures went from $181,032.97 on Tuesday to $159,102.97 on Wednesday.

How can this be????? How can numbers change so much in 1 day? Again, what are the true numbers?

Are you folks teaching creative financing at the high school?

Thank you,

Nicholas Meduho
Mt. Lebanon, PA

Thursday, September 14, 2017

They forgot to turn it on. UPDATED 091717

Remember how I asked about the airing of the school board meeting on Tuesday? When is the focus going to be about education? I checked this morning too. Nothing on TV.

It wasn't until this afternoon, when a resident called and complained that Monday's meeting was not being televised. The answer, "We forgot to turn it on." WE. FORGOT. TO. TURN. IT. ON.

Who is to blame? Guess. (it's Timmy. shhh)

Turn to channel 33 (on FIOS) and you can catch the discussion about the turf. Don't wait because it is only aired on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Update September 17, 2017 9:30 PM Click here to view!5

Lies in 2015

By 2015, they only took in about $300,000.
"So far, Mt. Lebanon’s capital campaign has raised about $1.1 million in pledges, gifts, goods and services, according to Maggie Schmidt, the district’s campaign counsel and veteran of dozens of such efforts on behalf of nonprofit organizations."

Carol Walton and Jo Posti, Co-Chairs

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Let the sunshine in." UPDATED 2X

Well, what do you know. The Capital Campaign website has been updated with the Feasibility Study, a fund breakdown 08-31-17, and a gift update. The brochure is gone.

Thank you to all who requested this during Monday's meeting.

Update September 13, 2017 5:54 PM Why did it take FIVE years for the Feasibility Study to show up? This should be called The Million Dollar Cover Up!
Feasibility Study
This study was conducted by Pursuant Ketchum to assess the feasibility of a capital fundraising campaign by the Mt. Lebanon School District. The study was conducted in May and June of 2012.
A Special Study and Report on the Fundraising Potential of the Mt. Lebanon School District.
Update September 13, 2017 6:45 PM How things changed drastically since Monday's meeting.

Capital Campaign Financial Report for 7-17 Loan from General Fund $910,930.02
Capital Campaign Financial Report for 8-17 Reserve from General Fund $910,930.02

Where is the paper trail? The school board directors never approved the loan or the "reserve." Finance Director Jan Klein calls this an investment, not a loan!

There was no paper trail as to why Andrew Cappucci's job posting was "altered" nine months after he was hired either. There is never a paper trail.

Mary Birks is under investigation with the PA Ethics Commission for a conflict of interest.

Elaine Cappucci is on the Capital Campaign and is running to replace herself on the school board.

Dan Remely fired off a personal attack toward Mike Riemer. Mike was asking too many questions on Monday night. Both are running for re-election.

Katie Caste is on the Capital Campaign and just changed her "About Me" reference to the Capital Campaign to now say "Nearly a million dollars has been raised." The claim originally was $1.2 million dollars has been raised. Katie Caste is running for school board on the Timmy Ticket with Mary Birks, Elaine Cappucci, and Dan Remely.