Saturday, February 25, 2017

This nonsense has to stop!

Elaine Cappucci appears to be running again for School Board. You may remember that she had to resign because of a family member interviewing for a teaching position in the Mt. Lebanon School District. The family member was hired. Elaine is now running on the same ballot as Mary Birks. Both are huge Timmy supporters. Here is the information that was sent to me this morning.

I will accept anonymous comments for this post, to protect the identity of those who identified this situation. 

This must stop!!!!!!!

Coincidence? I think not.

A Lebo Citizens reader brought the following to my attention based on the Commission meeting agenda for Monday, February 27, 2017 .  Aren't salaries over a million dollars?

I find it odd that we comment about the high salaries on your blog regarding the library then a few weeks later they want to pass an ordinance so the library follows municipal rules and policies so they have more oversight especially when it comes to hiring employees.

Friday, February 24, 2017

"...fees may be modified or added by the manager at any time." UPDATED

I saw an ad on mtl Magazine's Facebook feed the other day. Sending a copy of the ad and what I thought was a simple question turned out to be too difficult for our manager to answer. My question was, "How much is Lanz Associates paying for this advertising?"

After the usual multiple emails exchange with our manager, Keith McGill wrote:
"As such I cannot provide you with a specific cost for this ad."
That is very disturbing news to me. On one hand, I'm told that fees may be modified or added by the manager at any time, but on the other hand, Keith has no idea what the cost was for the ad. Very disturbing.

Here is the email exchange.

February 23, 2017 email exchange with Keith McGill re mtl FB advertising

It is frustrating to constantly hear, "I don't know" or "I do not have that information" from the person who SHOULD know or have that information. If it is not available, how about taking that extra step to find the answer?

Update February 25, 2017 1:46 PM I heard back again from Keith McGill. Here is his reply:

From:Keith Mcgill <>
To:egillen476 <>
Cc:Commission <>
Subject:Re: Free advertising?
Date:Sat, Feb 25, 2017 10:01 am

Good morning Elaine,

As I indicated in my previous response, sponsored content is a new product being offered to advertisers. As such, we are still trying to determine appropriate pricing.

It is possible that the pricing may need to be adjusted for online and sponsored content based on advertiser interest and response. This will take some time to determine.  I anticipate that we will be able to include the prices in our media kit next year.

I think the important thing is that the magazine has identified another revenue opportunity that will potentially allow us to continue to deliver important information on municipal programs and services to our residents in a cost effective manner, with the added benefit of promoting what a truly exceptional community we live in.


On Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 6:10 PM, <> wrote:
Hi Keith,

Will you please find out what the specific cost is for this type of advertising next week? It is disturbing how often we hear, "I don't know" or "I don't have that information" when we ask questions these days.

Commissioners, would you please follow up with Keith?

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sharpshooting is OVER!!! UPDATED 2X (Proprietary info!)

This is an important notice from LeboALERT.

Mt. Lebanon has ended sharpshooting phase of deer management due to current/projected warm weather. More info on homepage,

Deer Management Update (February 23, 2017)

SHARPSHOOTING HAS CONCLUDED. The sharpshooting phase of this year's deer management program has ended because of the unseasonably warm weather, which is projected to continue. There has been diminished activity at bait sights because deer now have other food sources, so the 
municipality cut the program short rather than expend additional funds for what would be a diminishing return. 

Under the contract, either party has the right to end the program with notice; payment is only for time and materials expended as of the date the program ends. The municipality and White Buffalo, the contractor, agreed that ending the program now was the most fiscally responsible course of action.

White Buffalo will provide a final report in the near future, which will be posted here. 

Update February 23, 2017 8:44 PM Now it's a five year program.
“It was the fiscally responsible decision,” said municipal spokeswoman Susan Morgans. “They reached about half the [2016-17] goal … but there was not a sense of disappointment. We’re just two years into a five-year program.”

Update February 24, 2017 3:56 PM DeNicola told me last year that the type of bait and how it is distributed is proprietary. Here is how he does it in Cincinnati.

This is DeNicola spreading corn over in Cincinnati last month. No bait stations.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Commissioners, please save Christmas for discriminating residents

I just read in The Almanac's Lebo commission mulls brick street policy the most stupid reason for keeping bricked streets in Mt. Lebanon.
It’s become a tradition for Yvette Yescas and her family to drive around various Mt. Lebanon neighborhoods during the holiday season to capture the Christmas spirit. From the variety of lights and decorations, Yescas, a member of the Historic Preservation Board in Mt. Lebanon, directs the route based on another allure to fully encapsulate the experience.
She and her family specifically choose brick streets in the community as the primary route for their adventure.
This isn't the first time the subject of brick streets has been discussed. Back in 2014, the commissioners voted to replace brick roads with asphalt, with Ward 1 commissioner John Bendel being the only commissioner voting against the policy. Mt. Lebanon residents opposed to loss of brick roads

The Historic Preservation Board also produced a remodeling guide at taxpayers' expense at the tune of $25,000, also for Ward 1's Virginia Manor.

If history repeats itself, the Historic Preservation Board will ask the commission to revisit their remodeling guide, as well. I wonder if there will be any recommendations for Christmas lights and decorations in their remodeling guide.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

We're using the wrong matrix UPDATED with invoice

A friend reminded me of the deer management presentation* held on June 22, 2015 at the Fine Arts Theatre. The presentation is still available on the municipal website. Here is one page that confirms what we have been saying all along. Mt. Lebanon has bad drivers.

Instead of looking at number of deer/car collision numbers, we need to concentrate on the percentage of deer/car collisions over the total number of collisions. According to the June 22, 2015 slide above, we're at around 8%. The rate of total collisions has sky rocketed, yet deer collision rates are 8%. We shouldn't be measuring deer/car collisions without considering the TOTAL amount of collisions. Figures don't lie and liars figure. And cost us thousands of dollars. 

*The same presentation where we weren't told that Jody Maddock worked for Tony DeNicola.

Update February 20, 2017 1:33 PM Sorry, Mt. Lebanon, but you are deceiving the public. Mt. Lebanon deer archery statistics lower in 2016 Keith McGill was quoted as saying

“We’re hopeful that we will start to see a reduction in the deer-vehicular accidents,” McGill said. “That has always been the goal of the program.” 
How about concentrating on reducing the total crashes while looking at the percentage rate of deer-vehicular accidents against that total? Of course there has been an increase of deer-vehicular accidents! The total crashes are increasing at an alarming rate, yet the percentage of deer/car collisions seems to be around 8% per year.

Paul Curtis was the bozo who estimated that we have approximately 800 deer in Mt. Lebanon, based on the number of accidents. Curtis had to be told how big Mt. Lebanon is, and never stepped foot here.

Cornell's Paul Curtis and DeNicola's buddy


Update February 21, 2017 5:19 PM Three person days @ $1500/day. 2017 White Buffalo Archery Program Invoice Seven returning archers from 2016 (some were off-duty police officers) were re-trained for $4500. From the municipal website:

Controlled Archery Hunt: 2016-2017 Season: White Buffalo, Inc., a wildlife management firm, was hired to screen, train and manage the archers who conducted a bow hunt last fall. The archers were required to show experience through harvest verification and were required to have a Bow Hunter Education Certification before beginning. The hunt took place on the following public properties: Conservation District (Connor/Terrace Road), Golf Course, McNeilly Park, Twin Hills and Robb Hollow Park as well as the adjacent public works property. Off-duty police officers were the only hunters permitted to hunt on public properties. In addition, interested residents worked directly with White Buffalo to donate their properties for the program. A total of 36 deer were removed through this program. Total cost: $9,000. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Baiters Gonna Bait - no, the big news is below! OMG! UPDATED 3X

A man driving a four door grey Nissan pickup, much like this one except without running boards and roof rails, has been driving in the Sunset Hills area putting out bait in a white bucket. The Allegheny County Health Department has warned Mt. Lebanon that this method of distributing bait is not permitted.

Baiters have been walking along Old Farm near Brafferton and Fruithurst. The Nissan has been parked in different spots over the last week in the same area. The woods, located behind those houses on Fruithurst, Brafferton and Old Farm, are private property. Additionally, deer have been gathering around Newburn and headed toward Beverly Road. Lovely. More deer/car collisions.

Don't forget how deer are being baited toward Cochran Road, in Virginia Manor. Who is the mastermind baiting so close to busy roads? Wait. Let me guess. The guy who couldn't show up tonight to tell us how many deer were killed by archers. 

Oh my gosh! The archery report summary has been published on the Municipal website. THIRTY SIX deer were killed. We paid $9000 for thirty six deer to be killed by volunteers. There was one unrecovered deer by the WBI group and one not recovered from the Hunter Cooperative; resulting in a ~5% loss rate. From the report:
The consensus for this decline seems to be due to the decline of the deer population in their hunting areas.
I am so fucking mad. DeNicola convinced the asshole commissioners to spend almost $84,000 to kill more deer in the current round of "sharpshooting." AND THERE IS A DECLINE OF THE DEER POPULATION? Are you fucking kidding me?

Update February 15, 2017 2:28 PM I asked for an explanation to the numbers of deer kills in the public areas. I never seem to fully understand the logic.

Email exchange - Gillen and McGill 021517.

Update February 15, 2017 11:09 PM Ask any question about the deer killing and you'll hear "I don't know."

1. Why weren't there any deer killed in Robb Hollow or Public Works? "I don't know."
2. What kind of bait is being used to lure the deer? "I don't know."
3. How is the bait being distributed? "I don't know."
4. Is Jared Hudson doing the baiting? "I don't know."*
5. When will the sharpshooting begin? "I don't know."
6. Will a LeboALERT be sent out alerting residents when sharpshooting will begin? "I don't know."
7. Why aren't the specific hours listed on the website's FAQ? "I don't know."

Will someone make an audio recording of Kimberly Schevtchuk's comments from last night, please? It pretty much went like what I listed above, except for #1 and #4. I asked about Robb Hollow and Public Works. Because of Kimberly's direct questioning, the municipality issued a LeboALERT today and updated the website to show the specific hours of "sharpshooting."

*Mr. Meduho,

The sharpshooting contract is a time and materials contract between White Buffalo and the municipality. As such, all contact with the contractor will be through Mt. Lebanon to ensure that we are effectively controlling costs associated with the program.
 Knowing the identity of the individual placing the bait returns no value to the municipality.

Update February 16, 2017 12:55 PM I am posting an audio recording of Kimberly Schevtchuk's comments here.

Brick Street Policy - 25 minutes, Archery Hunt - 10 minutes

The agenda for tonight's Commission Discussion Session is posted here. If Dave Brumfield adheres to the schedule, "Ian McMeans, Matt Bagaley and others will present the policy for discussion" for twenty-five minutes. Ian McMeans is the assistant manager. Matt Bagaley is from Gateway Engineering. I wonder who the "others" are.

Twenty-five minutes for a discussion about brick streets sounds like a long time to "review of possible policy for the replacement of brick streets." I bet high maintenance Ward 1 gets their way again.

Keith McGill, not Tony DeNicola, will be providing a review of 2016 controlled archery hunt report. In ten minutes or less. What a gig! Tony DeNicola, Bonnie Cross, and Susan Morgans account for almost $500,000 of the municipal budget. Manager McGill earns way too much to answer emails from residents and be the frontman for the deer killing. 

On another note, core drilling took place at Public Works. This is in preparation for the Public Works Facility and Firing Range project at the tune of $6,735,000. I wonder if Tony will lure the deer inside the firing range to kill them. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Wow! SMART/PAYT people will not be happy to read this UPDATED

Is recycling really the best way to keep plastic out of the oceans?

Update February 13, 2017 5:53 PM A reminder to Lebo Citizens Readers - I will not be accepting anonymous comments for this thread. The good news is that Dave Brumfield and Company want to hear from YOU concerning PAYT. Lebo commissioners hoping for resident feedback on trash collections

Also, a copy of the feasibility study presented to the commissioners in September 2014 is available here.
Six of seven panel members, regardless of their opinion of PAYT, agree that PAYT is not the most pressing issue in the community.
I'm sure these two important points from the document will never be highlighted in MTL's propaganda.

• Winners and Losers: Some groups (renters, large families and residents on fixed incomes) may find it difficult to reduce the amounts of MSW that they place at the curbside and/or pay for the bags or tags that will be required by the program.
• Administration Costs: The new system will require adequate ongoing funding for supervision, billing, enforcement, outreach, and education. These costs may offset gains from savings.

Ongoing funding. My recent salary post shows what happens to "administrative" costs. The additional annual municipal staffing will eventually will eventually overtake any PAYT savings to the municipality and land on the backs of homeowners.

Friday, February 10, 2017

No mention of archers, baiters, or shooters...Ever

I have mentioned the manager's weekly Administrative Report sent to commissioners and copied to municipal staff in previous posts. I want to share last week's report, as well as this week's report to the commissioners.

Administrative Report #5 February 3, 2017

Administrative Report #6 February 10, 2017

The commissioners learn about missing manhole covers, limited usage of golf carts during mild weather, tree inspections, and the occasional hole in one, but there has NEVER been anything mentioned about the two archery programs or the deer "removal activities" from last year or this year. No mention of baiting. Nothing about when it began. No mention of the report which will be presented by Keith McGill at Tuesday's Discussion Session.

I find it ironic that golf cart usage will be restricted, but Team Tony will be permitted to drive trucks and drag deer carcasses at the golf course.

I get it. It is not relevant, right? The commissioners don't want to know or aren't allowed to know anything about their lethal plans which cost $100,000 a year. Don't ask. Don't tell. Got it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Seriously, why does it have to be so difficult? UPDATED

My first email went out this morning at 10:03 AM. It wasn't until 7:26 PM tonight, did I get a definitive answer as to when the baiting started.

From:egillen476 <>
To:kmcgill <>
Cc:commission <>; repmiller <>; egillen476 <>
Subject:Re: Baiting
Date:Tue, Feb 7, 2017 8:23 pm


Susan Morgans told the PG in Mt. Lebanon deer reduction enters firearm phase that baiting will be for two weeks, not three and that White Buffalo had not come to town as of February 2. 

Do you see why I am confused?


-----Original Message-----
From: Keith Mcgill <>
To: egillen476 <>
Cc: Commission <>; Rep. Dan Miller <>
Sent: Tue, Feb 7, 2017 7:26 pm
Subject: Re: Baiting

Good evening Elaine,

I believe you are referencing the proposal submitted by White Buffalo that is a part of the Agreement and referenced as Appendix A, that indicates that "Bait should be placed out 3 weeks in advance of removal activities."

The decision as to when removal activities begin will be determined by the contractor in coordination with the Police Department and the Game Commission.

 Baiting began on January 30th.

Keith Mcgill <>
To:egillen476 <>
Cc:Commission <>; Rep. Dan Miller <>
Subject:Re: Baiting
Date:Tue, Feb 7, 2017 7:29 pm

Good evening Elaine,

The contract is a time and materials contract. At the conclusion of the program the municipality will receive an itemized invoice for the actual time spent on each activity. 


On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 6:58 PM, <> wrote:

Tony DeNicola is charging us for 22 days of baiting, per the contract posted on the MTL website.

-----Original Message-----
From: egillen476 <>
To: kmcgill <>
Cc: commission <>; repmiller <>
Sent: Tue, Feb 7, 2017 6:28 pm
Subject: Re: Baiting

The contract states that there are to be three weeks of baiting. What is the exact date of when the baiting began?
Thanks, Keith.


-----Original Message-----
From: Keith Mcgill <>
To: egillen476 <>
Cc: Commission <>
Sent: Tue, Feb 7, 2017 6:25 pm
Subject: Re: Baiting

Good evening Elaine,

I am trying to understand why the exact date is relevant. The permit allows baiting to begin January 29th and deer removal to begin February 1st. 


On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 6:20 PM, <> wrote:
Why do you ask, Keith? 

-----Original Message-----
From: Keith Mcgill <>
To: egillen476 <>
Sent: Tue, Feb 7, 2017 6:10 pm
Subject: Re: Baiting

Good evening Elaine,

What is the relevance of the exact date?


On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 4:44 PM, <> wrote:
Thanks, Keith. Would you mind finding out the exact date?

-----Original Message-----
From: Keith Mcgill <>
To: egillen476 <>
Sent: Tue, Feb 7, 2017 11:55 am
Subject: Re: Baiting

Good morning Elaine,
Baiting has started. It started sometime after January 29th. I do not have an exact date.

On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 10:03 AM, <> wrote:
Hi Keith,

Has the baiting started yet? 

If so, when did it start?

If not, any idea when it will start?


Keith McGill, AICP
Municipal Manager

Update February 8, 2017 11:35 AM Keith cleared up the confusion. I see the 2017 euphemism for killing is now "removal activities." I have also gone from "Elaine" to "Ms. Gillen."

From:Keith Mcgill <>
To:egillen476 <>
Cc:Commission <>; Rep. Dan Miller <>
Subject:Re: Baiting
Date:Wed, Feb 8, 2017 11:25 am

Good morning Ms. Gillen,
The information provided by Ms. Morgans was based on a conversation that she and I had in which she indicated that Mr. Hayes had called requesting information related to this year's sharpshooting program. During that conversation I provided the dates from the Game Commission permit which allow baiting to begin January 29, 2017 and deer removal to begin February 1, 2017.
I further indicated that the contractor needs at least 2-3 weeks for baiting and that none of the sharpshooters from White Buffalo we in town as of February 2nd to begin removal activities. The except below is what appears in the article.

A Game Commission special permit authorizes that the second year of a rifle sharpshooting phase could have begun Wednesday, but Ms. Morgans said White Buffalo’s professional sharpshooters were not yet in town. Following two weeks of site baiting, the shooters will work from stationary elevated positions vetted by Mt. Lebanon police on private property and several public spaces — McNeilly Park, Robb Hollow Park and the adjacent Public Works yard, the conservation district on Connor Road and the municipal golf course.

Baiting started

From:Keith Mcgill <>
To:egillen476 <>
Subject:Re: Baiting
Date:Tue, Feb 7, 2017 11:55 am

Good morning Elaine,
Baiting has started. It started sometime after January 29th. I do not have an exact date.

On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 10:03 AM, <> wrote:
Hi Keith,

Has the baiting started yet? 
If so, when did it start?
If not, any idea when it will start?



Keith McGill, AICP
Municipal Manager


 The contract between MTL and White Buffalo states that WB needs three weeks of baiting. Assuming (and you know what happens when you assume) the baiting started on January 30. Three weeks of baiting takes us to February 20. 

Team DeNicola is being paid for 10 hours per day but look at the hours they can actually work per day:

7 hours per day on private property (4 PM - 11 PM)and 5 hours per day on public property (6 PM - 11 PM). Where else but Mt. Lebanon can you work for five hours and be paid for ten, especially at $95 and $110 per hour? I know that Susan Morgans approves 15 minute work days. Maybe she is the brains behind this.

The sad part is, that once the baiting period is over and they do start shooting, they are only required to stay here for 12 days and there is no minimum on the number of deer they are to remove, just a maximum of 100. Think about this…why would you put a maximum number of 100 if you didn’t think up front that there weren’t that many deer left to remove?

That’s close to $7000 per day to remove just a few deer. This deal was poorly negotiated by our elected officials.

Talk about being fiscally irresponsible, here is the December Expenditure report
  • $707.62 to feed our commissioners before the meetings in December. 
  • a 30% deposit of $588 for the Municipal Holiday Party
  • Printing for the magazine was $14,025
  • Magazine Manager software and set-up $493.00
  • $800 for stock photography from Getty Images. Did we come to the conclusion that the cells phones take excellent photos? Or do we have to buy stock photography because we have stealth deer?
  • 2 one way flights for our firemen, who put their lives on the line for us, cost $30.45. 
This is a disgrace.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Good news, but only for six months

Washington Road Meters to allow 3rd Hour - In an effort to accommodate Uptown guests who need additional time for their visit, while maintaining necessary limitations to on-street parking, the Municipality is rolling out a 6 month trial of 3 hour parking at most meters along Washington Road. Following is what this means in plain English:
    • 6 mins = $.10
    • 15 mins = $.25
    • 1 hr. = $1
    • 2 hr. = $2
    • 3 hr. = $4 total ($2 base rate + $2 one hour jump rate for hour 3)
The meters that offer the "3rd hour option" will have stickers making this clear. Only the meters with a sticker will offer the 3rd hour option. After 6 months the Parking Advisory Board with staff will review the pilot program to determine it's operation. This will be a benefit to those who need additional time for a hair appointment* or a leisurely lunch. 

*Not a pretty sight Thank you, Mt. Lebanon. If you could finish working on the North Garage during this six month trial, it would be swell.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Black History Month and Community Relations Board 2001

So much has changed since the PG published this article sixteen years ago. Black History Month: Mt. Lebanon's past of not selling homes to minorities is highlighted by Muhammad Ali's effort to buy in Virginia Manor
  • Laura Pace has a different last name, is now Senior Editor/Online Editor for mtl Magazine, and has fifteen minute workdays.
  • Susan Fleming Stroyd has a different last name, and approves Laura's fifteen minute workdays.
  • Mt. Lebanon's population in 1970 was 39,356, down 6,000 in 2001, and seems to be flat at 33,477 in 2010.
  • "Mt. Lebanon often wears a polished veneer, but even municipal officials do not pretend the environment is perfect." In 2017, municipal officials pretend the environment is perfect. However, the Community Relations Board (CRB) with Susan Morgans as staff liaison, is continuing its diversity efforts from 2001 with Unity Programs in 2017.
  • "We really make a special attempt to get more people of color in the magazine," said Susan Fleming Stroyd, editor-in-chief of Mt. Lebanon Magazine. Like this, Susan? to market, to market, to buy a...
  • The 2001 article boasts that CRB members were proud of Mt. Lebanon's acceptance of Sanders consent decree homes. Now retired Federal Court Judge Gustave Diamond issued a court order for six Sanders Task Force homes in Mt. Lebanon in 1998, a temporary program to be reevaluated in ten years, and was never reevaluated. At one time, there were eleven Mt. Lebanon tax exempt homes owned by the Allegheny County Housing Authority. I believe there are seven tax exempt Sanders homes remaining, two within 200 feet of Rockwood Park. 
  • The CRB held a May 6, 2001 Walk to Celebrate Diversity that included a 2-mile stroll with a theme of "You Belong Here." Now, we're told that if you don't like it here, move.
  • "As long as you keep on plugging away, there is going to be some change. I believe in accentuating the positive and it will eventually make its way into the minds of the people." - February 21, 2001

Friday, February 3, 2017

"It’s been quiet.” UPDATED 4X

Finally, Susan and I agree on something! At least how quiet it has been. Susan Morgans was quoted by her minion John Hayes in his report Mt. Lebanon deer reduction enters firearm phase
“There’s been very little public comment, even at the public meetings,” said Mt. Lebanon spokeswoman Susan Morgans. “I don’t know what that means — people have moved on to other things? It’s been quiet.”
I think I can explain why there has been very little public comment, Susan. For one thing, taking me to Common Pleas Court has had quite a chilling effect. I haven't been to a commission meeting for over a year. I can hear your applause from here, Susan. It has had a chilling effect on others as well. Ah, more applause.

It has been quiet, Susan. Look at what you have posted on mtl - Mt. Lebanon Magazine Facebook feed. Nothing about the lethal deer program. We do see helpful tips about clearing snow away from fire hydrants, in case of fire. Yes, very important. Keep our doors locked since Mt. Lebanon has intruders because of the regional drug problem. We must protect ourselves. Agreed. Several posts about Punxsutawney Phil. Being prepared for what is to come is another helpful tip. Be prepared and protect yourselves is the takeaway here. But don't be prepared or want to protect yourself when it comes to firing .223 caliber rifles in a densely populated community. Got it.

Let's look at Twitter. Wow! There is hope yet!

 Feb 2
Deer Management Information

More promising news on the municipal home page! We don't have to scroll through "Trending Now" to find the deer management information. Thank you to commissioners or Keith McGill for listening to my emails. I had written:
The 2017 executed (or is it execution?) contract for "sharpshooting" has been posted on the municipal site and here on Lebo Citizens. Note: The municipal link is the direct link to the contract. It is hidden by scrolling through "Trending Now, " > Deer Management Information posted on July 20, 2016 > Additional Info.... Mt. Lebanon wouldn't want any of the killing information on the Home page.
Susan, if we could get an announcement on Facebook or if the police could utilize their public access to Nextdoor and alert folks of a situation that could be deadly if one is in the wrong place at the wrong time, I would feel much better. I can just do so much on Blogger, Nextdoor, and Facebook.

So what are we doing instead of speaking at public meetings? You can bet we have moved on - to more effective ways of fighting this issue. We're finding candidates who have common sense to replace the buffoons who call themselves commissioners and claim that shooting firearms in a densely populated community, without telling the public which areas to avoid, is a good idea.

Update February 3, 2017 10:58 AM mtl Magazine has just published an app on Facebook which drastically reduces waiting time at the bar. But nothing about firing lethal weapons in Mt. Lebanon. Shaking my head.

Update February 5, 2017 7:10 AM Results of PG Poll

Update February 5, 2017 7:22 AM While the Post-Gazette continues to publish stories about lead in school drinking water (see Butler County school closed after increased lead levels found in water supply), John Hayes wrote this beauty. Lead ammo order won’t be enforced This is exactly what we have been saying for years. The meat that is going to food banks is tainted with lead. While everyone gets warm fuzzies because the venison is going to a good cause, think about how we are poisoning the less fortunate.

Update February 5, 2017 8:46 AM It's not all negative. I love the caption under the PG's photo. Look Up Lebo!