Wednesday, April 18, 2018

March on Washington Road this Friday, April 20 UPDATED


From the Municipality:

Students from our community will be joining students from across the nation in a March for Change this Friday (19th year anniversary of Columbine). They will be congregating at Washington Elementary, marching on the sidewalks along Washington to Clearview Common. At Clearview I expect they will make some remarks and/or speeches.

Washington Road will NOT be closed and we do not anticipate any parking being utilized at this point. Following are some details:

-start time of 4:30pm at Washington Elementary
- students, parents and community members will be encouraged to walk to the area of Washington Elementary School and Clearview Commons Park.
- participants will utilize the sidewalks and are encouraged to follow all pedestrian safety regulations.
- Alfred Street (next to Clearview Commons) will be closed to vehicles between Washington Road and Parse Way beginning at 4:30pm and will remain closed until the conclusion of the event.
- Washington Road will remain open to vehicles throughout the event.
- MLPD Officers will be detailed to the areas of Clearview Commons and Washington Elementary School to ensure the safety of all participants, as well as ensure the uninterrupted flow of vehicle and non-participating pedestrian traffic in the area.
- if necessary due to safety concerns, Police Officers may close the single northbound lane of Washington Road closet to the curb in the areas of Clearview Commons and Washington Elementary School (this will create a safety buffer between the vehicles traveling northbound in the center lane and the event participants). Both southbound travel lanes will always remain open.
- event will conclude by 7:30pm

Update April 20, 2018 11:06 AM National student walkout on Columbine anniversary to be marked in Mt. Lebanon, Penn Hills


Anonymous said...

I sure hope that members of the community show up for this. It's important. #Never Again.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but I feel that the community of Mt. Lebanon (NOT the school district) has kept this evening's event a secret. And I think it is because Mt. Lebanon's favorite son, Conor Lamb, has repeatedly announced that he is AGAINST the assault weapons ban.

If he shows up at this rally (if anyone does), I will spit in his face.

E. T. Gillen said...

Wow! I don’t condone spitting on anyone.

Anonymous said...

I don't either, Elaine. I meant that figuratively. Also, I wrote it while I was watch TV coverage of the student walk-outs throughout the country today. Mt. Lebanon had almost 300 back-packs in the stands on one section of the football field to represent kids killed by school gun violence. It made me cry. Still, Conor Lamb needs to stay home tonight.

Anonymous said...

Conor Lamb did the wise thing. He did not attend the Mt. Lebanon Students for Change event this afternoon. Thankfully.

It was a superb rally. The high school kids who put this on are to be commended. They have fire in their souls.

#Never Again