Thursday, April 12, 2018

I know that I shouldn't feed the trolls, but this is hilarious

The following was submitted as a comment on my post, Candidates Forum TODAY. It was a continuation of an earlier submission.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Candidates Forum TODAY":

I find it humorous that progressives like to say Lamb won because he "ran on progressive economic issues" and Republicans like to say that Lamb won because he ran as a Republican.

Proves that there is a center, and it's worth fighting for.

I also find it humorous that E.T. Gillen is so fond of deer, but has no problem voting for the Republican agenda, which isn't environmentally friendly at all.

I find "real Democrat" progessives, who haven't actually won a single important election, to be full of hot air.

E.T. Gillen voted for Trump.

She does not get to pretend to have any sort of moral high ground about anything.

There is no greater hypocrite in all of Mt Lebanon than E.T. Gillen, and the only people who take her blog seriously are a handful of people who clearly aren't the brighest crayons in the box.

Stick to harrassing and smearing school board members, E.T.Gillen.

Because Conor Lamb?

He's out of your league.

It actually makes sense you'd back Ray, the candidate completely unable to articulate a single position with a vision and specifics.

But governing in Congress, unlike maintaining a blog about deer and the school board, requires more than talking points and sound clips.

Posted by Anonymous to Lebo Citizens at April 11, 2018 at 11:50 PM 


Anonymous said...

Gorilla .. go back in your cage & have a banana.

E. T. Gillen said...

Now that's interesting, 6:55 AM. The magistrate finally ruled that Craig Grella was "Not Guilty" of Public Drunkenness and Similar Misconduct.

Anonymous said...

*Troll* You're not helping Lamb.

E. T. Gillen said...

No, no, no, 8:46 AM. Let them do it. That is why I cross posted the comment. Make sure you read what else the troll said. It is only helping Ray Linsenmayer.

Anonymous said...

1. Conor Lamb doesn't need my help. He's going to win the Primary because, unlike Ray, he is articulate.

2. I find it interesting that E.T. Gillen has no problem with comments calling Craig Grella "Gorilla" (if it's not actually her commenting as Anonymous, because she seems crazy enough to do that), but seems to take great offense to people calling out her hypocrisy.

3. E.T. Gillen voted for Trump, and that's a decision she's not only going to have to live with for the rest of her life, she's going to have to explain to her grand children why she voted for a racist misogynist whose platform and policy decisions have no problem hunting the animals she claims she wants to protect.

4. What is hilarious is E.T. Gillen's blog. People aren't laughing with you, Elaine. They're laughing at you.

Anonymous said...

"Let them do it. That is why I cross posted the comment. It is only helping Ray Linsenmayer."

Do you... do you really think that your blog is so influential that an anonymous comment calling out your obvious hypocrisy is going to make a difference in an election that Ray Linsenmayer has no hope of winning?


Aren't you just the cutest little thing.

Anonymous said...

E.T. Gillen: Conor Lamb is the devil and obviously doesn't care about kids because he doesn't support an assault weapons ban!

Also E.T. Gillen: Please ignore the fact that I voted for Trump, who doesn't support an assault weapons ban, and any hope of an assault weapons ban in a Republican controlled Congress, which I voted for, has no hope of passing.

You gonna go ahead and cross post this comment, Elaine?

E. T. Gillen said...

Wow, you are on fire, 10:17 AM! No, I'm not going to cross post it since only a handful read my blog. You're wasting your time.

Yes, I did vote for Trump. So did 50 million other people. What made me aware of the issue of assault weapons was on February 14, 2018, the date of the Parkland massacre. I see how the students around the country are rallying to make a difference, and they are succeeding.

If either Ray or Conor beat Rothfus, then that helps change the Dems control Congress, right? So how is voting for a Democrat in the Democratic Primary a bad thing?

Keep spewing your hatred. There are Democrats who will not vote for Conor Lamb because of his views on gun control. Neither you or I can change that, no matter what we say.

Anonymous said...

"Keep spewing your hatred."

Says the hypocrite Elaine who has no problem with commenters spewing hatred by calling Craig Grella "Gorilla." And who clearly had no problem with all the vile language coming out of Trump's mouth, since you decided to vote for him anyway.

There are a minimal amount of Democrats who will not vote for Conor Lamb because of his views on gun control, and these people are idiots.

It's really just the prime example of a ignorant, selfish voter that it took a mass shooting and high schoolers speaking out for you to decide to get on some kind of moral high ground about assault weapons after you've voted for a political party that has no intention of doing so.

Moms Demand Action, by the way--- has no problem with Conor Lamb. That you don't trust moms who have lost children to gun violence to lead the way on this speaks volumes. If they are okay with Conor Lamb, then you should be, too. Maybe do some more research before spewing nonsense.

The most amazing thing is that you can't even own up to your catastrophically wrong decision to vote for Trump. Apparently because "50 million other people voted for him", that excuses you, and it's horseshit.

You vote for Trump is part of the reason why the Parkland kids can't get an assault weapons ban passed, and you can't even own up to it.

You lack sound moral judgement.

Perhaps this is why, no matter how hard you try, the most you can get is a court case that doesn't go your way.

Anonymous said...

It's a real shame that 20 children getting slaughtered in their elementary school wasn't enough to cause you to care about assault weapons ban in 2016 when you voted for the party that you knew wouldn't pass one.

Your hypocrisy is appalling, and it's high time someone called you out on it.

My comments "spew hatred?"

Take a second look at your own posts. Sorry if I'm not convinced by your fake outrage.

E. T. Gillen said...

OK, I'm done sharing your comments. I think I have been more than fair to let you comment.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Elaine, you said "There are Democrats who will not vote for Conor Lamb because of his views on gun control", but are there more than the number of Republicans, of which I am one, who will vote FOR Conor Lamb, because he opposes the failed Trump agenda?

Anonymous said...

"I also find it humorous that E.T. Gillen is so fond of deer, but has no problem voting for the Republican agenda, which isn't environmentally friendly at all." Wow, I guess all the rubber carpet that is being installed across Mt. Lebanon by the "environmentally conscious" democrats makes them the environmental heroes.

E. T. Gillen said...

Do you have nothing better to do? I have other things to do today besides put up with your crap.

I fought the toxic turf which was voted in by four Democratic commissioners. I don't follow your comment, 12:50 PM. I am against lethal weapons being fired in our densely populated community. That was approved by both Republicans and Democrats.

12:34 PM, I have tried to tell you. Others have tried to tell you. Conor Lamb will not be on the Republican ballot. This is the Primary. Try to keep up.

Anonymous said...


You seem a little bit confused. The previous two comments were very clearly from a different Anonymous.

At any rate, your "I have other things to do today besides put up with your crap" is clearly a lie, since you're still responding to comments.

Conor Lamb will be the winner of the Primary, and then you will have a choice.

Vote for Keith Rothfus, fully backed and funded by the NRA, or vote for the Democrat?

The Parkland kids have already told you--- vote for the Democrat.

Your nonsensical rambling about Ray Linsenmayer is a waste of time and a moot point, as if you truly want to support the Parkland kids, you'll vote for Conor Lamb in November.

I have zero patience for people like you and Ray Linsenmayer trying to paint Conor Lamb as "not a real Democrat."

Especially given the fact that it's pretty clear that you don't actually care one bit about the Democratic platform, or the Parkland kids.

If you're not willing to make the hard choices in order to get Donald Trump out of office as soon as possible, then sit down at the kids table and let the adults clean up your mess, Elaine.

You voted for Trump, you're completely unwilling to even own up to that catastrophic mistake, and NOW you've got the gall to go on about what a real Democrat looks like?

You can take your high horse and shove it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hardly Anonymous,

If Conor Lamb wins the Democratic Primary next month, I will be right next to you voting for him in the November general election. The Democrats have not chosen Conor Lamb to be their candidate to run against Rothfus. They have not yet chosen any candidate. So, your are jumping the gun. (No pun intended.)

E. T. Gillen said...

Yes, I am voting for a Democrat, just not the one you want. What is the phrase the Real Lebos used? Oh yeah. You've been snipped.

Anonymous said...

Elaine, you're missing the point- no matter how many Dems supposedly cross party lines to vote for a Trumpkin, it won't be nearly enough to offset the wave of Republicans crossing party lines to vote AGAINST a Trumpkin. Look no further than Conor Lamb's special election victory as evidence. I should know, I'm one of them, as well as my friends and family.

Anonymous said...

The midterm elections won't be a referendum on gun violence, but on Trump. Either you're for Trump, racism, egotism, nepotism, bigotry, corruption, self-dealing and incompetence, or you're against it. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Those who were duped by Trump the first time around, like yourself, should think twice before doubling down now that we know what we're getting, which is quite the opposite of a stable genius. If you bought a new pair of shoes online and a single used, smelly, dirty sock arrived instead, why would you ever repeat your order? I get that you're a Republican- so am I- but the Republican party that we are witnessing today is not the party that stands for fiscal conservatism or individual rights. Sadly, we must choose between two evils and for me, Conor Lamb represents a decent middle ground.

Anonymous said...


You are a Democrat, aren't you?

Anonymous said...


I couldn't agree more that the mid-term elections, as well as the Lamb/Saccone special election, will be a referendum on Trump. I think Elaine has said on this blog that she knows that Rothfus is going to lose. Doesn't everyone?

So, the issue is whether you want to vote for a gun-toting Conor Lamb or a progressive Ray Linsenmayer. I prefer the latter. I can, however, understand why Lamb, who is to the right of center, would be an attractive candidate for Republicans who are done with Trump.

We are all done with Trump.

E. T. Gillen said...

I may have this all wrong, but if Republicans are writing in Conor's name, you are wasting your vote. It is the Primary. His votes will be tallied as write in's and will be going against Rothfus' total votes. Like it or not, Keith Rothfus will win the Primary. But you go ahead and vote for Conor Lamb. Whatever floats your boat.

9:31 AM, you are comparing a special election to a Primary. It doesn't work that way.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party is the party that stands for individual rights? That's news to me. I am still glad that you are voting for a Democrat in the mid-terms.

Anonymous said...

1. "If Republicans are writing in Conor's name, you are wasting your vote."

You do have it all wrong.

"Writing in Conor's name"? Have you actually ever voted before in a primary?
Republicans don't have to write in Conor's name, he's already on the ballot.

Republicans can VOTE for Conor, just like Democrats can vote for Keith Rothfus.

Elaine assuming that Rothfus is going to lose is being ignorant of the 17th District. She's ignorant about a lot of things, so this isn't entirely surprising.

"Whatever floats your boat."

You can go ahead and vote for Ray, Elaine. No one's stopping you.

You, however, seem hell bent on stopping people from voting for Conor Lamb.

True Democrats are going to vote for whoever the Democrat makes it through the primary.

That's going to be Conor Lamb.

The question remains to be seen if Elaine, after railing against Conor and attempting to divide Democrats, will vote for Conor in November.

What is absolutely certain--- Elaine will continue to do anything she can to cause attention to herself, even if it means stoking division among Democrats.

It's important to remember, Elaine does not lack a sound moral judgement.

She voted for Trump.

E. T. Gillen said...

10:49 AM, for "the only people who take her blog seriously are a handful of people who clearly aren't the brighest [sic] crayons in the box." you sure are exerting yourself, trying to discredit my readers, voters for Ray Linsenmayer, and me.

You seem hell bent on stopping people from voting for Ray Linsenmayer. What's your point?

Anonymous said...

Republicans don't have to write in Conor's name, he's already on the ballot.
Republicans can VOTE for Conor, just like Democrats can vote for Keith Rothfus.

PA has closed primaries. You must change party registration 30 days in advance.

Anywho...WESA had a good round up of the race this AM, which includes some sage thoughts from Jason Altmire:

"Altmire represented many of the areas that fall within the new 17th between 2007 and 2012. While he predicted a tough battle between Rothfus and Lamb, he thinks Lamb is the kind of Democrat who can rally support from social conservatives in his party. 'If you can give [Beaver County voters] a Democrat that’s a good fit for the district − that matches on those cultural issues − they’re more than willing to vote Democrat,' Altmire said."

Anonymous said...

Also, since the primary is May 15, you must change registration by April 16. Get cracking!

Anonymous said...

9:55, you say "So, the issue is whether you want to vote for a gun-toting Conor Lamb or a progressive Ray Linsenmayer. I prefer the latter." That may be so, but there are a lot of us who are tired of the elderly, sickly, self-promoting candidates. We need less old people leading us- we tried old people for generations and look where that's gotten us...

Anonymous said...

"Pennsylvania has closed primaries. You must change party registration 30 days in advance."

No shit, Sherlock. Registered Republicans and Democrats can vote in a closed primary. Independents cannot.

Nothing is stopping a registered Republican from voting for Conor in the primary. They aren't going to be writing in his name. His name is already on the ballot.

Anywho, Cook Political Report has this race as a toss up. Altmire himself, in the literal quote you just tried to use, predicted a "tough battle."

A Conor Lamb victory is not a sure thing.

I don't need to discredit you and Ray, you've both done a perfectly good job of that on your own.

Why do you post as Anonymous when you moderate your own blog, Elaine?

My point, since you've somehow missed it, is this:

For you to be stoking division among Democrats is stupid. Criticizing Conor Lamb like you are only helps Republicans to stoke division among Democrats, who need to be united against Trump, the single greatest threat to our country in history-- put into office by people like you.

For you to be on a high horse about what a "true Democrat" is, when you voted for Trump, is hypocritical.

For you to believe Ray has any shot at all at winning the primary is not based in any reality.

Then again, you ARE known as "that crazy deer lady from Mt. Lebanon."

I myself would much rather prefer uppity heartless wench, or what you call people who disagree with you--"cold hearted deer killers."

E. T. Gillen said...

Yes, I have voted in a Primary, all of them except May 2005. In fact, I ran in one. When I was canvassing Ward 3, people were telling me that they were voting for my competition. I said, "Joe DeIuliis?" They looked at me perplexed and said, "No, Kristen Linfante." I had to explain to them that this was the Primary and that my competition was the other Republican in Ward 3. Commissioners can't cross file. In case that confuses you too, in a closed primary, Republicans can only vote for Republicans, while Democrats can only vote for Democrats. Those running for school board can cross file, if they circulate nomination petitions by those registered with that party. I believe judges can cross file too, but I am not sure of that. Those running for Congress cannot cross file.

Keep on attacking me. I gave you more information that you can use against me. You are really a piece of work. Get your facts straight before the Primary, so you aren't shocked when you see the ballot. I will vote for Ray Linsenmayer because he will support an assault weapons ban, while Conor Lamb will not. Conor Lamb likes guns, and sees no reason to raise the age to buy weapons of war to 21, let alone permit weapons of war to be sold to anyone. I posted a video on this blog showing Veterans explain that AR-15s are weapons used to kill people, weapons of war. Conor Lamb was shooting an AR-15 in his TV campaign after the Parkland massacre.

So now we have come full circle, my friend. We're back to talking about Democrats who will only support Democrats who support an assault weapon ban.

Anonymous said...


You need to do more drugs.

Anonymous said...


A registered Republican will not see Conor Lamb's name on the ballot in the May primary. You will see only a Republican ballot. I suppose you could write-in Conor's name but your vote will not count because it comes from a Republican ballot.

Are you straight on this yet? It's not the Magna Carta. Let me know if I need to explain it again.

Anonymous said...

11:51, here.

12:49, primary ballots are specific to the voter's party registration. Your ratio of ignorance to vitriol is sky high.

Also, I was trying to advocate for Lamb. I selected that quote because I was making the point that he's more attractive in a general election. Regardless of Lamb's personal stance, if he caucuses with the house dems, there is a better chance that gun control legislation will reach the floor (the new issue du jour around these parts). In a GOP controlled house, no legislation will reach the floor because of the Haskert Rule.

Anonymous said...

I am a democrat. I am voting for Ray in the Primary election. Then, in November, I will vote for the winner of the democratic primary, whether it be Ray or Conor. I know the drill.

Rothfus will lose to either candidate. It's the blue tsunami.

Anonymous said...


I guess Altmire is skipping over the democratic primary. Who cares what he says? Look, if I ran against Rothfus as a democrat, I would win. And, I have no name recognition other than "anonymous." Rothfus is done. Take it from somebody who has worked in and studied local politics for the better part of 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Lamb/Rothfus will be close. Linsenmayer/Rothus won't be. Beaver County is red as hell. That plus Cranberry won't make for a progressive cakewalk.

I'd prefer to "take it" from a Democrat who represented in Washington many of the voters in the 17th over an anonymous commenter, despite your 50 years of scholarship.

Anonymous said...

You are certainly entitled to your novice opinion. I did not mention 50 years of "scholarship." It's more like 50 years of fighting in the political trenches---for the Democrats' side.

Anonymous said...

I do agree, 7:33, that Cranberry will cause pain to any Democrat. Cranberry, in my opinion, is one of the least educated (in academics and politics) parts of suburbia.

Anonymous said...

After reading Elaine's post and the comments that follow here, I am of the opinion that far too much energy and emphasis has been spent on evaluating Elaine---on all sorts of levels. Let's put to the side that some of the shots at Elaine are vicious, unfounded or just plain stupid. I thought that the purpose of Elaine's post was to invite a political discussion--about the candidates. Elaine is not running for office. So, take her off the table in order to engage in serious, fact-based discussion about the candidates.

This message is to all the adults and would-be adults in the room. Those comments that include thoughts or feelings about Elaine will be ignored. They are not relevant.

Anonymous said...

andddddddd Ray dropped out of the race. Will you support Lamb now Elaine?

E. T. Gillen said...

After all the terrible things said about me, why do you care? Not only did I vote for Trump, I watched every episode of The Cosby Show. What does that say about me now?