Monday, April 16, 2018

Lebo Gives

Our commissioners may be raising the commission stipend to $5,000, while school board directors, who receive no compensation, will have to support the revamped Century of Excellence Campaign now known as Lebo Gives.

At the April 9, 2018 school board meeting, a presentation was made by Noelle Conover and Bill Moorhead* announcing the new fundraising campaign "reset."

Noelle gave some background as to why the capital campaign was started. Unfortunately, she is incorrect.

The original intent was to avoid issuing a second bond for the high school renovation. Mt. Lebanon School District to ramp up fundraising campaign.

The $6 million fundraising campaign originally was planned in 2012 to offset the second round of bonds issued for the project.

In that August 12, 2015 article, the Trib reported that the Mt. Lebanon School District fundraising campaign had received $1.1 million in pledges.  Compare that amount to the latest Capital Campaign Financial Report. (Saved in Google Docs)

As with every other project in Mt. Lebanon, we are told that this will raise property values.

I'm still waiting to see the value of my house increase because of the artificial turf on Cedar Blvd. Meanwhile, the school board directors will be approving the 2018-2019 Proposed Budget tonight.
2018-2019 Proposed Budget: RESOLVED, That the Board approves the 2018-2019 Proposed Budget in the amount of $98,958,314 setting the millage rate at 24.33 mills, a .40 mill increase in the form presented. The Board directs that the budget be placed on the District’s website until final approval with such changes as may be directed on May 21, 2018.
*Schoolboard President and Outreach SECOND REQUEST April 11, 2017


Anonymous said...

Mt. Lebanon Commissioners need to learn that increasing taxes on homeowners forces the community to choose to leave and buy in other communities with a lower tax rate. Look at S. Fayette and Preston, PA. It doesn’t take a rock scientist to figure this out!

E. T. Gillen said...

I believe that most, if not all of the school board directors have already "supported" the campaign. I got that feeling when Noelle Conover said that school board support is a must.
Personally, I think remaining funds should go back into the general fund and close up shop. It should be called "Lebo Gives It Up."

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, Elaine. Lebo Gives Up. Is that anything like Lebo Look Up. Another disaster.

E. T. Gillen said...

Just an FYI, another pedestrian was hit by a vehicle at the intersection of Washington and Shady this past week. Look Up Lebo!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard about the SUV that hit the pedestrian last Wednesday around 3 PM. The SUV was taking a left off Shady and threw the pedestrian to the ground on Washington Road.

Almost directly across from the Public Safety Building. How about, "Look Out Your Windows, Cops."