Monday, April 23, 2018

I'm confused.

I'm trying to get a handle on the Democratic platform. I called my kid to tell him that I switched parties. My son told me that I have been a Democrat all these years, but I just didn't realize it. Thanks, Joe.

Looking for answers, I first went to the Mt. Lebanon Democrats website. I thought I would start with their useful links. Oh boy.

Local Blogs

Blog-Lebo –
Center Court –
Not what I am looking for. I want a list of Democratic values. So I went to the state level.   Pennsylvania State Democratic Party – Nope. Not there either, but I did find out something interesting. Mt. Lebanon's commissioner from Ward 4 is no longer on the staff. 
Is this odd or what?
President of the commission, Dave Brumfield, is not running for re-election again. Yay. The Democratic candidate running in Ward 4 is Craig Grella. Craig is on the PA Democratic Party staff as Digital Operations Director. It is a paid position. Does anyone see that as a problem?
Still on the quest for the Democratic platform, so I went to the Democratic National Committee – Bingo!

The 2016 Democratic Platform

So here is where I get confused.

Preventing Gun Violence
Our newly elected congressman seems to be leaning toward Republican values. Four more people were killed with an AR-15 outside of Nashville, TN.

And some progressive Democrats took issue with Democrats like Lamb for supporting the rule change, worrying that the Democratic Party is sending out the wrong message to Americans who are wary of financial institutions. U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) tweeted on April 17, “Why did 78 House Democrats vote with Republicans to weaken the Volcker Rule, which was passed after the financial crisis to stop banks from making speculative investments? We need a Congress that stands with the American people, not the big banks.”
I'm still trying to sort it all out.

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Anonymous said...

The PA Dems have been looking to rid themselves of Craig Grella for at least the past six months. Looks like they did. Grella changes jobs more than I change my sheets.