Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Coyotes pose little threat, but deer do UPDATED

That is the BS that is coming out of our public information office these days. On Facebook, we're told to read "an excellent article by the PG's John Hayes.

Not long ago someone posted a photo of what looked like a coyote in Mt. Lebanon. Here is an excellent article by the PG's John Hayes that explains coyote behavior and why they pose little threat to humans (but could possible harm a cat or small dog). Take a minute to educate yourself about one of the many kinds of wildlife that share our environment.

Municipal officials in Marshall and McCandless in the North Hills get enough questions about coyotes from residents to cause concern. Last year, nearby Ross…

When you see a coyote, you're to keep your distance, and if you feel threatened, make yourself look as big as possible, make noise and back away slowly.'" If you see a deer, call 911 so that Mt. Lebanon can blow its brains out.

What the PIO fails to report is the small dog which was attacked by a coyote. The North Carolina woman was visiting family here in Mt. Lebanon. When are people going to learn that there are consequences when out of town guests visit family here.

Woman’s Small Dog Attacked By Coyotes In Mt. Lebanon

Updated April 7, 2016 6:08 AM From the Mt. Lebanon Police Department website:



Lena Horne said...

Good point. I think that visitors to Mt. Lebanon should be required to wear ankle bracelets to track their proximity to animals throughout their entire visit.

No doubt, the coyote will be the source of the next round of hysteria. It always starts with the animals eating the dog. Then, they break into a house, torture a little kid and fly out the backdoor only to jump into a swimming pool and land on a swimmer at the same time.

Neurosis never dies.

Barbara S. said...

Actually, I'm waiting for the gardeners to line-up at the podium to blame the deer for the presence of the coyotes in Mt. Lebanon. We can only hope coyotes like to eat rats, since the community hasn't the will to address that public health issue!
I'm going to be checking to see about coyotes and rabies, next, since I've a feeling they are out of compliance with the vaccination requirements our pets are expected to follow. You just have to love a community that hates deer and, at the same time, encourages us all to just get along when it comes to rats and coyotes. I wonder what will be next? Certainly feral cats have managed to stay below the radar much longer than expected... Are they next?

Anonymous said...

Just saw a feral car racing across my backyard. I have seen at least 3 feral cats over the years. They
are every where!

Barbara S. said...

I was speaking with someone in the building where I work, a young woman who is also a hunter. When I told her about the drive-by yahoos who jump out of their pickup trucks; kill and gut our deer; and disappear with the carcasses as quickly as they arrived, she immediately stated that this is the reason Mt. Lebanon is getting coyotes: that it is the discarded entrails that are attracting the coyotes. And this information from a hunter, no less! Hmmmm... Who knew?!?