Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Final "sharpshooting" invoice

Through a Right To Know, Tony DeNicola's invoice for his "sharpshooting" services is now available.

I wonder why Tony uses a bookkeeping service in California when he lives in Connecticut. Of course, we don't know that his business is located in Connecticut because it is not written anywhere - not on his invoice or his website.

I see that we were charged for carcass processing. Were the deer donated to local food banks? We have no clue since nothing was mentioned in his final report. Additionally, his final report made no mention of how many does were pregnant, a statistic that had been shared in the past.

It was so gracious of Tony to credit us close to $20,000 for going over budget. The super secret  "not public information" bait * cost us $1,035.23 and a mystery charge of $4.00 per deer (garbage bags?) was also included on the invoice. What a guy.

*I filed a Right To Know about the type of bait used as well as the method used to distribute it, but Mt. Lebanon is doing another legal review to determine if that information is public.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine,

I asked DeNicola how many deer were processed for donation and how many were not, his reply was:

"We are required by the state to donate all carcasses from Special Permits."

Take his reply as you may.

Nick M.