Thursday, June 30, 2016

It is unlawful to have a picnic...

in any park picnic shelter unless you get written permission from Municipal Manager Keith McGill.

Keith McGill

So says Mt. Lebanon Code Chapter XI Parks and RecreationSection 102.14 No picnic shall take place at any Park picnic shelter without the written permission of the Manager or his designated representative.

I wonder if park sensors are going to be installed. I can see it now. A family is having a picnic at the park, when a police officer pulls up and questions the family.

"Our park sensors have detected that you have been parked at this table beyond the "just stopping by" time limit. Our state of the art park sensors are indicating that you may be having a picnic. Do you have written permission from Manager McGill? If not, I am forced to issue you a citation for having an unlawful picnic."


Barbara S. said...

Amusing! Any idea HOW MUCH Blaise would fine the unlawful picnickers? I can only imagine what would happen if they crossed a road at a non-specified ped-xing location to get to the unapproved picnic shelter: he would HAVE to throw the book at them! To the casual observer, that's what's wrong with Mt. Lebanon...too many picnickers and too many garden-eating herbivores! No wonder the pretend grass is such a hit: it is immune from insult from plant-eating mammals AND from law-abiding picnickers! Who knew it would solve not one but two thorny problems while NOT advertising its inherent toxicity. But I digress...

E. T. Gillen said...

I combined all my comments into 1.

I moved CS's comment to the spam folder. You see, CS, I know who RG, Nick M., Lena H., and Barbara S. are. That is why I approve their comments. You, on the other hand, are a troll and until you have the backbone to use your name, you will remain in the spam folder.

I do hate living here. I wish I could move, but I can't right now. Are you ignored by the commissioners? Are they costing you legal fees? Do they make you jump through hoops on every issue? Are you listed on every executive session agenda like I am? I am still forced to pay my taxes even though I am abused by the commissioners. It is kind of like having to pay child support even though you are denied visitation. It sucks.

We have some overpaid, rude, and vindictive municipal staff. Susan Morgans and David Donnellan are bullies. Gateway Engineering has way too much power. Our municipal manager now answers all of the commissioners' emails. We pay for commissioners' dinners at least twice a month before commission meetings. They get paid $3600 a year - for what? To tell residents that they should email their questions to the commissioners and then ignore them? To insult residents who don't agree with them? To give residents five minutes to speak, but interrupt them during their five minutes? We pay for breakfasts, appreciation dinners, and retirement parties. Who knows how many thousands of dollars the PIO charged the Rec Dept. for today's flyer?

You're damn right I hate this place. They will pay for parking sensors on Washington Road, tell us to use the app to find a parking space, but don't look at your phone when you're driving. Since we moved to this house in 1985, the upper parking lot has been a shit hole, but year after year, we keep getting promised that it will be fixed. The police check on the parking lot for a while, and then forget about us. It happens every year. We're not supposed to have dogs in the parks - they're there. We're not supposed to smoke in the parks - they do. The commissioners are on huge power trips to keep making resolutions, but nothing is ever enforced. How many have been cited for smoking? For drinking alcohol in the parks? How about the deer feeding ban? How many residents broke that resolution when Tony was putting corn down on their properties to bait them? How many jaywalkers have been fined? How many block parties are held on collector or arterial streets every year? Why do some bricked streets get covered in asphalt but others get special treatment? How many actually ask for the manager's permission to have a picnic?

CS, you write:
"It might also be observed that your legal case is not in the interest of the greater good and appears to be nothing more than a personal vendetta. I pay taxes in Mount Lebanon too and your lawsuit against the municipality has become a greater waste of taxpayer money then anything you have complained about."

MTL took ME to court. I am listed as a defendant. Look up the word "defendant" in the dictionary. The Office of Open Records ruled TWICE in my favor. Mt. Lebanon took me to the Court of Common Pleas because they did not agree. Buchanan Ingersoll has not raised their fee in at least the last four years. I am not costing a penny more in taxpayer money! The people with the personal vendettas are Dave Brumfield, John Bendel, Steve Silverman, and Kelly Fraasch.

BTW, MTL is not spending one penny more in their case with Scott Township. But Scott Twp., like myself, is paying dearly in extra legal fees. Just ask Steve Silverman. He will tell you that it's not costing MTL anything extra. That is a real incentive for the commission to take anyone to court who disagrees with the commission. Maybe BI will want to negotiate another contract some day. Mt. Lebanon is really keeping them busy.

Don't bother identifying yourself, "CS." I see who you are.