Sunday, December 27, 2015

Lebo[Citizens] ALERT UPDATED

I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas break. The bad news is that deer killing will resume tomorrow at Mt. Lebanon Golf Course, Robb Hollow Park, McNeilly Park, Conservation District, and Public Works. The extremely confidential private locations (shhhh - no one can know for fear of harassment or worse!) started their killing December 26, 2015.

I want to thank those who have contributed to my legal fees. Here is a little background. The ACLU has had Mt. Lebanon on their radar for quite some time now. The ACLU recommended Strassburger McKenna, the attorneys who are handling my case. The first thing SMGG did was change the caption from defendant to appellee. I am not the defendant!

Unfortunately, the madness has resumed. Hunters will be in full force, starting tomorrow. Instead of children playing outside, try indoor activities such as bowling, ice skating, or seeing the latest Star Wars movie. I hear it is awesome.

December 29, 2015 4:33 PM The following was sent to the commission, Keith McGill, and Phil Weis on Sunday, December 27, 2015. There was no response.

Do you think it might be appropriate to send out a LeboALERT announcing that deer killing will resume on the golf course starting tomorrow?

Elaine Gillen


Anonymous said...

The ACLU referred you?

Anonymous said...

I thought Lebo didn't have to pay an attorney to do this work so why is Brendan Lucas involved on Mt Lebanon's behalf? Further, why didn't they get someone with relevant background? He is involved with energy and natural resources law.

Anonymous said...

Elaine: Who did you speak with at the ACLU?