Thursday, May 26, 2016

Allegheny County names Coleman McDonough as new police superintendent

Allegheny County names Coleman McDonough as new police superintendent

South Carolina must have been too hot for him.

Former Mt. Lebanon police chief to lead Allegheny County department

County Executive's press conference (video)

In Mt. Lebanon, Coleman was the corn colonel - of the Corn Police. That is what the commissioners reduced him to doing.
Coleman at bait station

Congratulations, Coleman. You deserved better.

During the off-season, when our new corn colonel isn't guarding super secret, patented, proprietary corn, Mt. Lebanon's finest are now cracking down on jaywalkers and those dangerous litterbugs.


Lena Horne said...

Coleman is good police, according to his peers throughout PA. I'm sure that Mt. Lebanon was a joke to him. I also thought that Coleman retired. Looks like he was back in the workforce as soon as he got the call from Allegheny County. He is now
chief of an excellent police department (Allegheny County). Its investigative unit is superb. Like Coleman, Allegheny County police are real cops.

Barbara S. said...

Thanks for the information about Coleman, Lena. I didn't know whether he was drafted for the demeaning duties during the deer-slaughtering events or whether he volunteered. I'm glad to hear your feed-back about his competencies and that we will yet benefit from his law-enforcement skills.