Sunday, May 15, 2016

Back to public

Lebo Citizens has reverted back to being a public blog, putting the hundreds of posts that were published since going private, in draft form. The comments have been preserved, and I can go back to private status again at any time and the comments will not be lost. Members will not have to sign up again since Blogger keeps the list.

It has been almost a year since Lebo Citizens went private. I published a few posts that were from that period. Quite a bit has transpired since then. Of course, 219 deer were killed. All of "my" deer were killed. I haven't seen any deer since March. I won two appeals with the Office of Open Records, and because of that, Mt. Lebanon has decided to take me to court.

Encouraging the commissioners to take me to court were Cori Vipperman and Dave Franklin. Ms. Vipperman's libelous statements include threatening phone calls occurred, harassment, and threats made to families. Ironically, Ms. Vipperman speaks of harassment for daring to disagree. Reading the comments in any newspaper article pertaining to the killing of deer illustrates the maliciousness that anti-deer killing folks have had to endure for "daring to disagree."

Dave Franklin's letter to the commissioners, encouraging them to take me to court is available here. Mr. Franklin has spent an enormous amount of time checking the Lebo Citizens website from work since he sent that email.  The closer to the time to read the judge's decision, the more frequent the visits. Dave, it should be any time now. Talk about cyberbullying, you're one of the best.

Thanks for encouraging the commissioners to take legal action against me, causing me to hire an attorney at the cost of $4,000. I do have some friends who were able to contribute $2,000 toward the expense. I am truly grateful for them.

I want to report that the commissioners do not respond to any of my emails. Right To Knows are virtually denied every time. They put me through the wringer on other issues. I have had unwelcome visitors at my door. All because I dare to disagree.

Oh, I am back to not accepting anonymous comments.

PS This post is dedicated to Tom. Wow. It's been eleven years.

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Barbara S. said...

Welcome Back, Elaine! You have my utmost respect for your tenacity; integrity; and dedication to the truth. This community has benefitted more than you will ever know from your dedication as a "Watchman on the Wall" and from your willingness to sound the alarm every time you spot either malfeasance or nonfeasance on the part of those responsible for our well-being in this "Community of Distinction". I have benefitted more than you will ever know.