Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mrs. Morgans Goes To The Big Apple UPDATED 3X

The June 2016 Expenditures were recently approved by our commissioners. This list, obtained by filing a Right To Know, should be readily available on our new Open Lebo website, but isn't. The monthly expenditures are not for public viewing until after the commissioners approve them. They don't read them, just approve them. Ask Dave Brumfield. The expenditure list usually includes such gems as pancake breakfasts, retirement parties, food for the commissioners, staff parking, health insurance, cell phones, legal fees, magazine printing costs, and all those working lunches and dinners for the Public Information Office. This month was no exception.

Our public information officer, who earns more than the mayor of Pittsburgh, will be traveling to New York City to attend The Folio: Show in November.
The Folio: Show is packed with lively luncheons, vibrant receptions and one-on-one interaction, all designed to give you a unique opportunity to meet with the people you want to meet and develop a professional network that will serve you for years to come.
Luncheons. Vibrant receptions. Dinner with new friends. How exciting! Is this when Susan books her hair appointment with her favorite NYC stylist? I can't wait to read that article.

Update July 28, 2016 8:51 PM Another smart assed response from our overpaid PIO. 
Mr. Meduho: 
My office had nothing to do with any of the things you mention. We did do a front of the book story in the July /August magazine.
 And we have promoted the show on Facebook several times ,so I am sure you can find the information there. Please note that it is 6 am and I am working, since you are so concerned about how the people in my office spend our time. I also am on vacation and will work while on vacation as I always do. Have a nice day.
Susan morgans 
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On Jul 28, 2016, at 1:27 AM, Nicholas Meduho, Jr. wrote:
I don’t know who to ask so I’ll ask a few of you.

When I look at the calendar of events on the Lebo home page I see the Police Classic Car Show listed.

When I click on it I am taken to the Event Details page but I can’t enlarge the flier to view it properly.

There is nothing else listed regarding this event, not even on the police website.

When I do a search, I find fliers from previous years but not the upcoming event on Sunday.

Where can I find a legible copy of the flier? Is there a way to allow enlargement of images in the Event Details section?

Thank you,

Nicholas Meduho
Mt. Lebanon, PA
Update July 29, 2016 9:08 AM Guess who owns the domain name ? None other than Susan Morgans. Nick M. sent this to our commissioners and manager:
Mr. McGill and Commissioners,
Why is Susan Morgans the sole owner of the domain name “” with NONE listed as Registrant Organization? As it stands now, if Susan Morgans were to leave tomorrow, that domain name goes with her and she can do anything she wants with it. And if she were to die tomorrow, the consequences could be much worse. Anyone think this is wise? Can we please take the appropriate steps in getting the “” domain name into Mt. Lebanon’s ownership. I really think that would be an intelligent move.  
Thank you,  
Nicholas Meduho  
Mt. Lebanon, PA   
Domain Name:  
Registrar URL:  
Registrant Name: Susan Morgans  
Registrant Organization: NONE  
Name Server: NS1.US25.SITEGROUND.US  
Name Server: NS2.US25.SITEGROUND.US  
DNSSEC: unsigned 
Another Lebo Citizens reader emailed me this comment:
In companies that foot the bill for trips like Morgans, it is usually required that the attendee make a presentation of what was learned from the experience!
As taxpayers (actually her employers) we need to know if it's money well spent!
I agree. It would give Her the opportunity to show off Her new NYC haircut.

Our commissioners approve this crap, Folks.

Update July 29, 2016 6:11 PM It appears that the domain name registrant organization for has been updated. Working while on vacation. At 6 AM. Have a nice day.


R.A. said...

Maybe Morgans will network and find a job in the, "Big Apple." R.A.

Anonymous said...

Hi let your readers know, I questioned as to why Susan Morgans who is being paid over $108,000 per year, has over $12,000 per year of taxpayer money paying her health care and uses a taxpayer funded cell phone, time and time again is spending so much time on her personal Facebook page, reading, responding and updating her personal profile...on municipal time. Are things that slow up there?

And now we are going to spend over $2000 (maybe more) to send her to New York to a conference that the information they are presenting doesn't apply to a small municipality such as ours. Where's Mr. McLean on this? Isn't he the fiscally responsible commissioner? Why doesn't he question this waste of taxpayer money?

Nick M.

E. T. Gillen said...

Steve McLean will go along to get along. He doesn't have it in him to go against the grain. Nobody challenges Her.

Jason Margolis said...

When will they start making choices, instead of thinking they can always have it all (as we all do with our own personal budgets)? Dead deer AND dead grass-for-turf = waste of too many $$$. Attracting families with kids + Newcomers Tax = unsustainable and rude. New HS Building + Silly Expensive Magazine? Can't do it.

Now, they want to Tyvek the Public Works Building. Guess what. There's existing space where these people can work. Check the municipal building.

It's just that they are addicted to building temples in Babylon. A house of cards.

RG said...

Point of order: There is a difference between a "registrant" and an "owner." While they may be one and the same, many domain registrants are horrified to find out that they do not have legal attachment to their domain names! If Ms. Morgans bought and paid for, as is traceable as the owner, then she may do with it as she pleases. It is not uncommon for commercial entities to play off the names of their cities or states. For example, the Chicago Tribune owns; not the City of Chicago. The Chicago Tribune is owned by tronc, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRNC), formerly Tribune Publishing. (Yes, "tronc" is a small "t.")

However, if she registered as registrant in her name, in and for the municipality, then Mt. Lebanon should appear as the "organization." This, too, is not uncommon; one makes out one's check for county real estate taxes to John Weinstein - but that doesn't mean Weinstein gets the money; he's the county treasurer.

Perhaps Ms. Morgans goofed when she filled out the domain registration; or maybe she's planning of running her own commercial operation - in which case ethics would dictate that she resign her cushy Mt. Lebanon job and run her own business (and more power to her!, especially if she generates profits and pays local EIT on them). But if is supposed to be owned by Mt. Lebanon, and it turns out that it is owned by Susan, then you have the rather uncomfortable situation of a municipal employee owning a municipal asset. Mt. Lebanon should clarify this situation.

E. T. Gillen said...

They should, but I doubt that they will. Mt. Lebanon lets Her do as She pleases. After all, She was working at 6 AM answering Nick's email. On vacation. Have a nice day.

E. T. Gillen said...

See my third update. The domain name registrant info has been corrected. While on vacation. At 6:00 AM. Have a nice day.

RG said...

Isn't it interesting that the information was updated after these posts on this Blog!

E. T. Gillen said...

Richard Gideon, we have Nick M. to thank for that. See my second update.