Friday, July 8, 2016

Why can't we coexist?

Our nation has gone mad. Shootings everywhere. Why can't we coexist? When I was at a commission meeting at the high school little theatre, I stood up and said that I wish we could coexist with the deer. At that time, I was representing myself as a member of the Mt. Lebanon Coalition for Coexistence.

I will never forget when Roycroft resident Elaine LaBalme spoke during citizen comments, turned around, looked right at me, and said that she didn't want to coexist. She was screaming that she almost hit a deer. She. Didn't. Want. To. Coexist. 

The Mt. Lebanon Commissioners will be discussing deer management AGAIN on Tuesday. Mt. Lebanon Commission Discussion Session Agenda That is the politically correct way to say more deer massacres are in our future. More guns in our neighborhoods. Our children will be learning once again that if you don't like something, kill it. Tony DeNicola and Keith McGill, will be providing an overview of 2015, but certainly won't be revealing the super secret, proprietary method of baiting the deer with his patented apples and corn.

Mt. Lebanon commissioners will not coexist with deer. Bobcats, coyotes, and bears? We have been told to learn to coexist with them. They only eat small dogs and cats. But deer? Lock up your wives, your children, and your pets.

Also on the executive session agenda - the Scott Township litigation where Mt. Lebanon wants to kill Scott Township deer, as well.

Not only is our nation in trouble, but so is our community. Why can't we coexist? Or I should ask, "Why won't we coexist?"


Lena Horne said...

May we turn to each other for support and encouragement as we mourn our country's losses. As Elaine so eloquently posted, coexistence starts here, where we are, right now. Deal me in.

Jason Margolis said...

Agreed. The use of unnecessary violence to solve problems has always been what is most wrong with the deer cull. Waste of money, animal rights, also wrong, but adding to a culture of dangerous, depraved selfishness - that is what will be most destructive in the long run.

As someone who now holds dual-citizenship with Green Tree, I see how things are different outside the bubble. My nextdoor neighbors are gardeners. When I spoke with them about all the wildlife in our neighborhood, we briefly mentioned the MTL deer situation, and my involvement. The husband walked me over to their solution - an easy to install fence right around their plants. That night, I saw two deer and three rabbits. No yahoos. No guns.