Thursday, July 14, 2016

Where are the car/deer collisions?

Mt. Lebanon uploaded a map today of the deer/car collisions in Mt. Lebanon from May 2011 - June 2016.

In small print, there is a note at the bottom of the map. "NOTE: Approximately 50% of incidents cannot be mapped due to data limitations." The data limitations are related to missing information related to location. The location of a deer vehicular incident is not always included in the report. Really?

I do see the urgency now to kill deer in Twin Hills. Just look at all the deer/vehicular collisions that could have been avoided in the last five years. But our municipality is in litigation with Scott Township so that we can kill Scott Township deer in Twin Hills Park. Yeah, makes perfect sense.

Not a whole lot of deer/car collisions around the golf course.

The deer/car collision that stands out for me, is the one that isn't even on a road. It is near Beadling and Purchase.

What has been spent so far on deer management? $100,000? We're going to pay Tony another $9,000 so that we can kill deer in Scott Township? Seriously, why are we doing this?


Jason Margolis said...

As was once explained to me on MTL Nextdoor, the economic and social capital to kill deer is proof that one has 'made it' ... your grandfather toiled in the mills, now you get to live in MTL and kill deer. The American Dream.

Anonymous said...

There's something not right with the deer accident map! As you point out one isn't even on a road, but look at the one on Miami (across from high school).
This is a very short and narrow street and where the accident supposedly occurred is where Miami and an even narrower and rutted alley meet.
Nearly impossible to drive 15 mph there and one would have to be drunk, blind or stupid to have a collision with a deer in this location.