Thursday, March 16, 2017

Consider the source...

Last week, Mt. Lebanon's public information officer posted this on mtl Magazine's Facebook feed.

People were writing in, thanking Susan for the heads up. There was talk about reporting them, making unannounced appearances, and lots of sympathy for poor old Wally. Finally,

I had written a rather long response, but I couldn't post it because the post had been removed. 

An apology for the "errant" post followed. 

It appears that Susan thought she was posting on her personal Facebook page, but only realized it after she was challenged. I had commented on the "errant" post, but the "apology" has since been removed. All that remains now is the reply to Jeremy Tucker.

Correction. The "apology" has not been removed. 

The damage was done. No apology for trashing Petco on the municipal FB page. The comment I added to the sidebar disappeared, as well.

I want to share my experiences with Petco on Ft. Couch Road. I have been taking my dog to Petco for twelve years. I have never had a bad experience. Timmy the dog gives them kisses when he arrives. The staff all greet Timmy by name when we enter the salon. I schedule Timmy's appointments for every six weeks or so. The groomers appreciate that because they don't have to deal with fur that is matted. We arrive on time. The groomer will tell me that Timmy will be done in two hours or less, depending on how busy they are. They ask if there are any medical issues they need to be aware of. Who brings their dog to get groomed after surgery? They call when Timmy is almost done. I pick up Timmy right away. Sometimes, people use Petco as a kennel, leaving their poor dogs wait until their owners are ready to pick them up. 

Timmy greets me, wearing a cute bandana, tail wagging. I tip the groomers well and away we go.

The groomers all saw Susan's post on Facebook. They were shocked to read what the PIO had posted. I feel so badly for their maligned review. The groomers are always kind and conscientious. 

Please consider the source. Remember to market, to market, to buy a...


E. T. Gillen said...

For the record, we had Timmy long before the school district got the other Timmy.

Jason Margolis said...

Yikes, I am in way more "disbelief" about that one than the award in the previous post.

There are a couple of interesting things there... First, the "mistake" likely only occurred in the first place because someone thought they were in their personal Facebook page, but were actually in the municipal Facebook page - AT WORK. There's some municipal dollars well spent.

Second, if it was not a "mistake" initially, but only in retrospect, it most certainly symbolizes the excess power and influence a handful of residents have (or think they have) over everyone else's thoughts and views in the community.

Finally, if Petco sued the municipality for libel, would that occupy the municipal lawyers enough so that they would stop taking Newcomers to court for more tax money, and residents to court to hide the truth and The Right To Know?

- Jason

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?!!! Are you kidding me?!!! OK, on one hand I get it; I'm the worlds biggest dog lover and if this had happened to my pooch I'd be livid. On the other hand Susan is a media professional with years and years of experience running a magazine. What the hell was she thinking?!! She couldn't take the time to check the URL to make sure she was on her Facebook page? Then she throws up a quick mea culpa and takes it down again?! Her personal opinion of Petco is one thing, but her opinion posted - accident or not - on the municipal blog might be construed by some as the official opinion of Petco by the municipality. If I were Petco I'd be on the horn today demanding an official apology that stays up for more than a millisecond! And if I were a business owner I'd think long and hard about advertising in our municipal magazine. Wait a minute! - I AM a business owner!


E. T. Gillen said...

Sorry to say, Jason, but Buchanan Ingersoll has many attorneys and could easily handle a libelous case. Of course, Petco would never do that because they wouldn't want the negative publicity. Susan Morgans is a bully. We are always seeing glimpses of her true colors, yet remains one of the highest paid employees in the municipality. They can't get rid of her because she will play the age discrimination card.

Susan Morgans doesn't apologize. She doesn't need to.

Anonymous said...

You're acting as if two people can't have different experiences at the same place. That's the point of reviews... you read the positive and negative and decide. Aren't you basically doing the same thing, using your page about the community to share a personal experience. HYPOCRISY

E. T. Gillen said...

I was debating about permitting anonymous comments for this thread, but your post was too good to pass up, 9:10 AM.

Yeah, totally the same thing. I earn six figures as a Mt. Lebanon Public Information Officer, writing on official Mt. Lebanon social media, telling readers to never, ever go to a business establishment, while pretending to be a source of professional journalism.
I also share my personal experiences while attending conferences in New York City paid for by taxpayer dollars. In fact, my Public Information is by far, the largest expenditure in the General Fund. $867,500 - to be exact.

Totally the same.

Anonymous said...

Who is Judy Kalakos? What part of the libelous statement did she find helpful?

Anonymous said...

Was she wrong for posting it to the main account? Yes. Do accidents happen? Also, yes. Can you be mad at her for having a bad experience somewhere and wanting to share it? No.

Anonymous said...

This resident finds the PIO's opinions, views on things like grocery shoppers, her childhood experiences, feminism, and vacations boring. Still wonder if people would subscribe to it if they knew how much tax dollars go to supporting it.

If she wants to launch her own magazine - she could call it "S" - that's fine, but her constant dribble doesn't belong in an "official" community magazine IMO.

Anonymous said...

9:51, do you understand what "libel" is?

Jason Margolis said...

Agreed, 11:01am, the municipality desperately needs fresh perspectives!

Anonymous said...

Grooming opens at 9. This LC reader thinks Petco went out of their way to give Wally the care and attention you clamor for.

Anonymous said...

On the Lebomag Facebook page it declares: "The award-winning Mt. Lebanon Magazine is the only official magazine of Mt. Lebanon municipality, with direct access to timely, relevant information that goes to every home and business in Mt. Lebanon."

Relevant info? It looks more like a "Hey, look at me!" mirror.