Sunday, March 12, 2017

Game Commission supersedes Allegheny County Health Department?

It is a known fact that Mt. Lebanon has a rat problem. Search "rat amnesty" on this blog. It is also well known that Allegheny County Health Department has rules and regulations for rodent and pest vector control.

Allegheny County Health Department Rules and Regulations

The Health Department shut down Merlin Benner. Remember this photo?

But things changed drastically since Tony DeNicola entered the picture, and Keith McGill became manager. The municipality became the Mt. Lebanon CIA leading covert operations. The commissioners are under the impression that the PA Game Commission supersedes the Allegheny County Health Department.

Commissioner Steve McLean finally responded to my numerous emails concerning bait.

Q: Was White Buffalo in compliance with the Allegheny County Health Department? He wasn't last year.
A: White Buffalo has complied with the State Game Commission requirements and that the state requirements ascend the County, similar to how Federal regulation can ascend state. So White Buffalo was in compliance with the State and thus with Allegheny County

With our terrible rat problem, wouldn't the commissioners want to comply with Health Department inspectors?

Q 1: What kind of bait was being used last year? This year?
Q 2: What mechanism or feeder was used to distribute the bait last year? This year?
A: I grouped questions 1&2 together - The bait and mechanism used is determined by White Buffalo and is not disclosed to the municipality and is confidential to White Buffalo as proprietary. Also White Buffalo is in compliance with the permit issued by PA.

Did you read that, Allegheny County Health Department Inspectors? It is all proprietary. How many other businesses get away with those answers? I'm betting that nobody else tells you that.

Anyone care to contact Allegheny County Health Department and let them know that the PA Game Commission and Mt. Lebanon don't give a rat's ass about them?

March 12 - March 18, 2017

It's Sunshine Week. Do something about it.


Anonymous said...

There's one group that supersedes them all... voters!

E. T. Gillen said...

Maybe it is because I lost an hour of sleep last night, but I completely disagree with your comment, 8:55 AM. It is a bunch of hooey. Our elected officials should not get a free pass. They need to be held accountable for their actions. I am not going to wait until January 2018 for change. Are you? The current commission will make decisions this year that will go into effect next year.

I am sick and tired of the hopefuls who sit sit back and just think everything is going to change when the "right people" are voted into office. It ain't gonna happen. I have heard and published comments like yours every year at this time and in November. I think it is a cop out. If that is all that it takes, there is no need for this blog; no need for Right To Knows; no need to contact our elected officials; no need to hold their feet to the fire.

I am sick of hearing that.

Anonymous said...

I agree our elected officials should be held accountable.
So how do we do that?
You filed RTKs and others have as well.
The officials decline to be transparent, then what?

The officials use our tax money to defend their stonewalling so unless you're suggesting torches, pitchforks, tar and feathers the voting booth is the only option.
How to motivate the 70% of eligible voters that don't vote, I don't know. Maybe their wallets aren't light enough yet.

E. T. Gillen said...

5:25 PM, you can dig a little. Contact the Health Department, as I suggested. Contact Tony DeNicola as Nick M. did in my "This is YOUR government update at 6:29 PM. Be creative. Don't just sit there and fret. Don't pass it on to the next batch of elected officials. I don't mean just you, 5:25 PM. Don't wait and hope someone else does it. Do something! Take action!

E. T. Gillen said...

Here is the link to file a complaint or send a comment to the Allegheny County Health Department. It was very easy to find. Take less than five minutes and tell the Allegheny County Health Department that the PA Game Commission doesn't care what they think about rats and bait. If that is too much work, send a link to this blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disagree, but I would argue that taxpayer participation thru emails, meeting attendance (much admittedly prompted by your blog articles and RTK info) than does contacting outside entities.

Look back to SableGate, the PA AG said taxpayers had every right and deserved to know what transpired with Sable's firing, but did nothing to open the doors to that info.
Your RTK on getting deer culling locations was supported by Harrisburg Open Records office but the courts turned its decision over.

Even though DeNicola responded to Nick on the trail cameras we still don't know who exactly has them and where the images are.

What can we see that really affected things... McLean said no one he heard from wanted PAYT (although Kelly hints otherwise). People spoke and apparently had an impact.

Personally, I think Charlotte Stephenson's candidate announcement rattled the status quo as much as anything.
I can only imagine what impact her winning might have on the present system.

What can promoting voter involvement and voter turnout hurt? Of course voters need a source for info and your blog fulfills that roll.

Barbara S. said...

I agree with the variety of IDEAS expressed by folks in their responses here; I'm in favor of attacking anywhere and everywhere that weak spots are identified. But I also agree with Elaine that IDEAS aren't enough; there are zero ideas that will have any impact whatsoever, absent ACTION! And I also agree with Elaine that the Health Department is a highly valuable ally. The "Rat Lady" brought things to a halt last year, based upon the risks to public safety. I have no doubt that this could happen again, IF our talented sleuths can find the baiting locations being used by DeNicola (in the unfortunate event that we get to go through this collective nightmare together, yet again).

As concerns right-thinking candidates: the Commissioners are past experts at stonewalling and have discovered that they can run roughshod over any and all opposition by locking arms and marching together. The idea of candidates who will stand in sharp opposition to the indefensible policies of this current group is thrilling! So...while we are looking for avenues of attack against the current Commission, I would encourage everyone who wants to see sanity restored to Mt. Lebanon to also join the campaign efforts of those who see the world through the same lenses that we wear.