Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Aaugh!!! UPDATED

I can't get on any sites for election results. I received a text that Bob Lee lost, but I haven't been able to confirm that.

I understand that Mary Birks is completely out. Mike Riemer finished first. So far, that's all I know.

Sorry that this post is in piecemeal.

Try this site for County results:

It looks like Cappucci won the 2 year term on the R ballot, and Riemer won the 2 year term on the D ballot.

Total votes (adding both R & D)

Cappucci 2194
Riemer 2642
Diamond 2270
Strotmeyer 2423
Caste 2038
Remely 1588

DePlato was only on the R ballot with 328 votes.

On the Dem ballot for 4 years: 

On the Rep ballot for 4 years:

Here are the updated unofficial results. The County has to certify the absentee ballots in the next week or so.

I do know that Mt. Lebanon voted yes for the commissioners to raise taxes. Shaking my head.

Update May 17, 2017 5:04 PM The Pennsylvania Ethics Commission received additional information concerning my complaint against Elaine Cappucci this morning at 10:41.


Anonymous said...

School Board?

Anonymous said...

Absentee isn't yet counted. Birks is only down six votes. It's unlikely, but the vote could change.

Silverman wins by a lot.

Cappucci and Riemer are in.

Anonymous said...

Someone posted dem #s for school board on Facebook, but not the republican side... I assume they add the 2 together? Plus then the 2 year term is separate. I can't find any data for the Lebo contests. Please share!

Anonymous said...

This is a primary, not an election. There will be another vote, with the Ds running against the Rs. You don't add the votes.

This is like America in a nutshell: so many opinions, so like little knowledge.

Anonymous said...

One things is for sure, in the race for Ward 4 commissioner Fischer is going to define the issues and hammer hard on the them all summer if he's going to beat the democrat based on turnout.

Grella 504
Fischer 196

Blind party loyalty will kill him.

On the HR issue It's odd because if you talked to people there were very few that understood it. Most I believe thought if it's on the ballot who am I to say no because it's over my head.

E. T. Gillen said...

3:43 AM, I am well aware that this is a Primary. I added the votes together to give an idea of where they would stand, had it been the General Election.

Anonymous said...

11:24 PM,

They do not add the two together.They are separate races for each party's nomination.

10:55 PM said that Riemer and Cappucci are in having won nominations from both parties. 10:55 also said Birks was down six votes so it would come down to absentee balloting. It did. Birks overtook Riemer on the Republican side with the absentee ballots. She ended up beating Riemer by four votes. (If anyone ever says their vote doesn't count, have them look at this.)

This means that Riemer is no longer guaranteed a spot. Only Cappucci is. Everybody who ran yesterday, with the exception of DePlato, has moved on to the fall election.

E. T. Gillen said...

With the exception of DePlato and Lee, 6:23 AM.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY reason that Silverman won is because he is part of Ward 2's residents' primal aggression, the force that leads otherwise rational people to become obsessed with killing deer. It's a very sad time for Mt. Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

Heard exiting the polls "that was a tough ballot there were hardly any names I recognized!"
That's it? You pick candidates because you recognize the name!
Maybe it's time to license people to vote like we issue drivers licenses... one must be able to show they have the basic skills to think.

Anonymous said...

Silverman won because Lee's mailer talked about the problems in Washington, DC.

Jason Margolis said...

I think Lee did pretty well (about 1/3 of the vote), considering he was up against someone benefitting from layers of systemic privilege.

Anonymous said...

Just to quickly highlight one result for yesterday: Mt. Lebanon Republicans voted for Cappucci to appear on the November ballot for the two year term ... which is the very same seat that she gave up so that her son could get his (in through the back door, ill-deserved) job. Unbelievable!

E. T. Gillen said...

Yes, I know, 4:39 PM. It is embarrassing. The MLRC continues to disappoint me.

Anonymous said...

Watch out Cissy B ! http://www.vindy.com/news/2017/may/20/jackie-sipe-and-andrew-cappucci-plan-wed/