Thursday, May 4, 2017

Not to take away from the school board race...

I will be moving this post below the ethics complaints post later on, but I wanted to share this article with Lebo Citizens readers. Borough electric systems have better rates, are more reliable  
Each Borough Council shops for the best electricity and the cheapest rates for the entire town. This is a buying pool run by borough council. A non-profit pool is just like a farming co-op. And it works all over the Commonwealth.
Borough electric systems have better rates, much better reliability, are managed by local elected officials, are responsive to local concerns, employ local employees, buy local services, do not send tax money to Harrisburg, and operate far superior and much more reliable electric systems than our for-profit competitors. Any legislative action to change this century old system is unneeded.
Since 2011, I have brought up this idea multiple times at municipal meetings, but was always told that it couldn't be done. I even had the name of an energy supplier who could make it happen.

This idea is the reverse of PAYT. We get the best rates and the best service possible for garbage collection when going through SHACOG. If it works for garbage collection, why not electric rates? Yes, I said that PAYT = higher rates and not-the-best service.

Perhaps our commission candidates can consider this option, if elected.


Anonymous said...

I've often thought the biggest issue with PAYT garbage collection is that if I'M PAYING FOR THE COLLECTION OF MY GARBAGE WHAT DO I NEED THE MUNICIPALITY FOR?

Maybe I want to hire someone to take my garbage every other week. If I'm paying for it as an individual, I want control of who when and why they work for me.

The collective garbage system in place now works very effective rly and a collective for electricity probably would too.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why the "official" community magazine wouldn't take a look into this cost saving idea?
That would be Information we could use.
They did an article on solar panels a while back.