Friday, May 19, 2017

Our Director of Finance works for free!

Not only does Susan Morgans work for free, it has been pointed out to me that Andrew McCreery also works for free. Andrew McCreery Statement of Financial Interests

One would think that the Director of Finance would be a little more mindful filling out financial disclosure statements. Our municipal employees sure go above and beyond working for us. They donate their services - just like the hunters and property owners donate their properties!


Anonymous said...

Maybe they get paid "under the table."

Nick M.

Anonymous said...

Cannot anyone read in the municipal offices.
It clearly states at the bottom of the form: "THIS FORM IS DEFICIENT IF... "

Maybe I should try the same approach when I submit my Mt. Lebanon wage tax forms. Since the municipal manager thinks improperly filled out forms are solely the responsibility of the person filling it out, I should be OK leaving my wages blank.
After all there is precedent at the highest levels of the local government and should it not be OK I know there won't be any repercussions.