Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another inappropriate behavior cover up UPDATED

Remember this? Grogan case filed 022717 

And this? Begor 030717
             Begor 031317

How about this?  Rodella was fired.

Which brings us up to June 11, 2017:

Mt. Lebanon Girls Volleyball coaches Joe Rodella is Elaine Cappucci's friend and is still employed by Mt. Lebanon School District.

And what about the case against John Grogan and Mt. Lebanon School District?

Resolved. We will never know how it was resolved.

By the way, Timmy, before you start changing the online job posting again, this is what is on the District website as of June 11, 2017:

Job posting for Girls Volleyball Coach
Mt. Lebanon Girls Volleyball Coaches

Update June 21, 7:17 AM Case is closed.


Anonymous said...

Is your "cover-up" that they haven't changed the name of the volleyball coach on the website yet? I don't think those website changes are instant- especially in the sports page.

E. T. Gillen said...

No, my "cover-up" is that Timmy forgot to tell the school board that this was resolved. The school board reads my blog to stay informed.