Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Foolish and stupid

That's what one resident called the commissioners on Tuesday (yesterday) since they are considering hiring Tony DeNicola for another $9000 to oversee the archery program and "sharpshooting." They have to continue paying Tony thousands of dollars to protect the identities of the archers and twelve private property owners even though there is a decline in deer/vehicle collisions and dead deer pickups.

None of this adds up. Well, actually, it never did. We were told last spring when Mt. Lebanon paid $815.78/deer for "sharpshooting," that the warm weather was to blame for the low body count. Oh wait, also, they couldn't get to where the deer were hiding. Now, there is a decline in deer/vehicle collisions. We were counting incidents, now we are counting collisions. That is what they should have been doing the entire time. Of course, the manager's numbers are out of whack anyway, so who's counting?
“They have a safety protocol that has so far been impeccable,” said Commissioner John Bendel.
Of course, they refused to follow up with Castle Shannon over the two incidents that were reported to Castle Shannon Police.

The commissioners are going to discuss the deer killing at their June 26 meeting. In the meantime, watch out, Pedestrians! Look up, Lebo!

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