Saturday, April 8, 2017

Manager's numbers are out of whack!

Keith McGill sent this table to the commission, the assistant manager, and the person who requested this information at the last commission meeting. I don't know where Keith got some of these numbers, but his records are not accurate.

Good afternoon,
At the meeting on Monday night there was a request to identify the number of deer removed since we put a deer management program in place and the associated cost. Here is what my records indicate:

Deer Removed
Cost of Removal
$19,900  (USDA)
$50,837 (USDA)
$3,000  (Wildlife Specialists)
$15,460 (White Buffalo -Archery)
$74,375 (White Buffalo –Sharpshooting)
$9,000 (White Buffalo- Archery)
$44,868 (White Buffalo -Sharpshooting)

There were 69 deer killed in 2007. The permit was for up to 75.

In 2008, USDA killed 146 deer, but only knew about 145 deer. The 146th was found dead, in a pool of blood, in someone's front yard on Lindendale. The permit was for up to 150 deer.

The 2016 Archers killed 104 deer. Goal was 100.

The 2016 "Sharpshooting" program killed 115 deer. We were told that the limit would be 150 deer.

The 2017 "Sharpshooting" contract was limited to 100 deer. 55 deer were killed.

The only time hunters reached their goal was in 2016. The goal was 100 deer. All the other years, hunters came in short of their goals. I have no idea where Keith is getting his numbers, but these are the numbers I found on the municipal website.

To take this a step further, the cost of killing per deer per year breaks down to:

2007 $288.41 per deer
2008 $348.20 per deer
2015 $500 per deer
2016 (archery) $147.24 per deer
2016 ("sharpshooting") $652.41 per deer
2017 (archery) $250 per deer
2017 ("sharpshooting") $815.78 per deer

Both Steve Silverman and Craig Grella want to continue doing business with that scoundrel, and will vote along with John Bendel and Steve McLean to keep Tony DeNicola. Killing deer causes collisions to increase, but they will continue to bring in lethal weapons because deer are scary.


Anonymous said...

From a 2014 article:

"DeNicola sympathizes with those upset by the expense of sterilization.
The cost for a White Buffalo deer-killing operation ranges from $200-$400 per animal, depending on things like terrain and road access. "You come to the conclusion that lethal is more effective, more efficient," he said.",amp.html

I'm no woodsman, but I'm pretty sure no one would call any Mt. Lebanon terrain rough or hazardous especially donated yards and road access is about as accessible as you can get.

So why are we paying this guy over $800/deer for the latest unsuccessful "White Buffalo deer-killing operation?"

Anonymous said...

8:23 PM "So why are we paying this guy over $800/deer for the latest unsuccessful "White Buffalo deer-killing operation?"

Because DeNicola, the con-man, owns the commissioners. They'll do what ever he says, and he charges what ever he wants. He basically has a blank Mt. Lebanon check. He fabricates ridiculous deer population estimates ignoring aerial surveys. He fabricates excuses why he can't find more deer to kill. He fabricates supplies to put on his invoices. No questions asked. DeNicola is running around Mt. Lebanon's neighborhoods, back yards, and parks shooting lethal weapons, and the commissioners know nothing. No ones accountable. McGill's an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill ("Apocalypse Now").

Does anyone have another explanation that makes any sense?

Anonymous said...

None of this passes the "smell test." Somebody has to be fudging the numbers.

Anonymous said...

I think writing that DeNicola is running around our neighborhoods and backyards is a little inflated, but the statement that he or the commissioners are fabricating the deer numbers is spot on.
Sure there could be " a lot of deer" here at any one time, but as evidenced by DeNicola cutting the cull short, there are also times when there aren't a lot.

What bothers me more than DeNicola is the arrogance displayed by our leadership at the SB and municipal offices. I watched McGill respond sarcastically to s citizens question on his compensation. It was smug, despicable display of "attitude" and IMO tells me this guy has overgrown his usefulness.

Anonymous said...

9:47: You got it all right. Thank you.