Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Amazing things I learned from a recent School District RTK

School Board meeting minutes summaries posted on the school district are just that - summaries. I thought they were the actual minutes, but they are not.

Mary Birks did not recuse herself from voting in matters concerning Outreach.

There is quite a lot to weed through, but I am sharing what I received, including a little synopsis from the requestor.
I assume the district has had a contract since 2005 in excess of $500 (at least later years). I only asked for more recent data. RTK response included Feb 2016 and 2017 minutes showing the finance items contract over $100 vote. It's a lump/consent vote and Birks did not abstain on either vote of the Outreach contracts. I would assume a similar contract approval process happened in previous years. Based on her position, she should've abstained any time the vote occurred, but she did not. Maybe once is an oversight, but twice or more I have to start to question. Ironically, Birks seconded a vote in May 2010 to approve an update to the board ethics policy.
RTK response cover letter dated April 24, 2017


Anonymous said...

Wonder if there is an UNSPOKEN quota system in place to direct kids to Outreach?

Anonymous said...

It is apparent that Ms. Birks is blatantly funneling money to her organization.

Anonymous said...

Birks should be investigated. Mt. Lebanon does not need corrupt, residents on the school board. I question if she should be employed by Outreach. She obviously does not care about that organization. If she did she would put Outreach (her employer) first.

It appears this Timmy ticket is all about themselves..

Lebo's only recourse is to VOTE THEM OUT.

E. T. Gillen said...

Anyone remember if Mary Birks was involved with this? Four officers resigned from PTA because of the bullying. Women were crying at the PTA meetings. I can't post the link at the moment, but the post was from January 2012 and it was called "Trouble in Paradise." I don't have my glasses on, so please excuse any typos.

Anonymous said...

More money has gone to Outreach than ever before. Plunk Plunk Plunk

Anonymous said...

I guess transparency is not a thing Mt. Lebanon utilizes---Birks should go the way of the German teacher

Anonymous said...

Want to spot corruption ? Just look for the C-C-R-B political signs !