Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Paint a rock. Hide the rock. Find a rock.

I have just discovered the cutest project happening right in our own parks! Pittsburgh Rocks is a public group on Facebook. Paint a rock. Hide the rock. Find a rock? Log in and then hide it somewhere else. Sooo cute!

Pittsburgh Rocks
Established 3/10/17
Welcome to our group!!
Our group exists as an act of random kindness to unexpectedly brighten someone's day one rock at a time and to pass it on. That is our mission; our goal. In doing this, we receive benefits as well. When we are creating our mind is moved away from the stress in our lives and the issues in the world. When we hide rocks we are giving and that just feels good. When we are looking for rocks to paint and looking for painted rocks we are out in the fresh air and sunshine. When our rocks are found and posted, we are overcome by excitement.
Take a walk and find a rock. Paint the rock and hide the rock!! We are painters and hiders. We are not hunters. We hope our finders join the group and become painters and hiders too!
Be respectful!! No rock should contain any insulting picture or language. Please do not paint rocks regarding political issues, hot topic issues or issues revolving around adult concerns. Do not paint rocks with awareness ribbons or cause logos. We are not that kind of group. Our only platform or sharing kindness. The rocks are not bumper stickers. They don't have an agenda other than sharing kindness and brightening someone's day.
This is meant to be fun for all ages and abilities.
The sky is the limit to your options. Search "painted rock" in Google and Pinterest for ideas. Check out our group for ideas too! Don't worry if someone has painted a ladybug. Paint another! Gather your inspiration from us. Have fun!!
On the back of your rock direct the finder to our group so they know what it is all about and ask them to "Re-Hide Me". Attach them to your rock by decoupage. Use mod podge (the paste). Don't forget to seal the back of your rock too!
Post your painted rock to our facebook page "Pittsburgh Rocks!"
When you find a rock, post a picture to our Facebook page "Pittsburgh Rocks!"
The kids look forward to hiding their painted rock and seeing that they have been found when a finder posts a picture to our group. The pictures of your completed rock and the picture of your found rock are an exciting, important part to this process. Please share your pictures!
If there are not rocks in your area to find, please paint and hide rocks. Please find enjoyment in creating rocks and sharing with others. It is what we do. It is who we are. Grow your area by becoming a painter and hider.
Our children's safety is our number one concern as it is yours but we love seeing their smiling faces with their finds. I want our children protected as best as they can be on our public page. Children's pictures should never, ever list a location or anything that would give a stranger an idea of your child's whereabouts, routine or schedule.
Please re-hide your rock. If you find a rock that your child just can not part with. Feel free to hang onto the rock for awhile but please participate by creating your own rock for others to find. When the excitement has worn off for your little one, please re-hide the rock. The rock was painted to bring unexpected joy and should be re-hid to continue to bring joy to other people.
How to Paint Rocks!!
1. Be sure to clean your rocks so the paint adhere's.
Be sure your rocks are very dry before painting. Rocks are porous. Water inside your rock will bubble up your artwork and the label. When in a hurry or anytime, place the rocks on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet in a 350 oven for 10 minutes. I turn the oven off after 10 minutes and let them cool in the oven giving them a longer drying time. More is not better. Rocks have water in them. Heat turns water into steam. Steam explodes rocks.
2. Paint your rock with acrylic craft paint.
3. Use mod podge (the paste) to decoupage a label on the back of your rock so that your finders know what this is all about. See the files folder for labels. Apply modge podge to the back of your rock where you are placing the label. Apply mod podge to the back of your label (edge to edge). Be generous with the mod podge. Be sure to press all bubbles and creases out of your label and secure all edges. Let dry overnight and apply another coat over the label. Again, to be safe allow to dry overnight before moving on to step Number 4.
4. Spray your rock with an outdoor sealant. I use a clear spray paint that says "seals" and "protects". Find it in the spray section. It is very important to seal your entire rock to protect your artwork
and the label and to prevent water from getting into the rock. Again, water in your rock will bubble up your artwork and label.
Most of us use Rustoleum Clear Coat Spray Paint. You can also use Duraclear. Duraclear is a non aerosol sealer that can be used indoors.
5. Post pictures of your rocks on our wall before hiding. Using your own unique hashtag will help you track your rocks.
6. Hide your rock and wait for your finders to post pictures.
Remember not all finders post pictures or re-hide but we keep going on to reach others in the Pittsburgh area. Don't get discouraged if your finder doesn't post a picture. Some finders don't have Facebook and some just re-hide and it is found by someone else who posts. We keep going on! The more we grow, the better we will be. Together we can do this because Pittsburgh Rocks!
Admins and Pittsburgh Rocks! are not responsible for people being offended or the behaviors of others.
If you block an Admin you will be removed from the group.
Any advertising on Pittsburgh Rocks! will be deleted.
Report spam, profanity or any non-supportive comments by clicking the down arrow in the top right of the comment and click "Report to Admin".
Help to keep our page positive and uplifting!!
Like photos and post positive comments. Be supportive!!
We are a positive environment. Anyone attempting to change the rules or hurt this group will be deleted.
We work hard to bring you a conflict free and safe place for children. We have a zero tolerance policy. Posts and comments are removed at the discretion of the admins.
Add your friends to the our group. We can make this huge and awesome because Northeast Ohio Rocks!
If you want to start a group by all means make this bigger and better BUT you should NOT create a group that overlaps into another group and weaken the group. This group is for everyone and our group covers all of Pittsburgh and surrounding southwest PA areas. Support our group and watch it grow! Thank you!!

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