Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Republican candidate for Ward 4

Bob Fischer is the Republican candidate for Ward 4. His name is familiar to many. A year ago today, April 4, Fischer became the first recipient of the Mt. Lebanon Community Service Award, which will be presented annually to a volunteer who helps improve the quality of life in the municipality. Newsmaker: Robert F. Fischer 

Bob Fischer, receiving the first, annual Mt. Lebanon Community Service Award

A volunteer firefighter, Bob also administers the Mt. Lebanon Citizens Fire Academy. Bob also served on the Zoning Hearing Board, Civil Service Board, as well as volunteers for Lebo Relay for Life, the Halloween Parade, and the Mt. Lebanon Rotary Club.

By trade, Bob is the code enforcement officer and building inspector for Scott Township.


Anonymous said...

Are you accepting anonymous comments for this Blog posting ?

I know Bob. He is a quiet, humble man who gets the job done. He is not a " politician " and is just what Ward 4 needs. Too many years with David Brumfeld - a big B.S.er. Bob will get my vote. Ward 4 needs Bob Fischer !

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Now we have a race and probably two very different choices.
Good luck to Bob and Craig, may the best candidate win.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bob Fischer is the better candidate for Ward 4 Commissioner. I hope he wins.