Saturday, April 15, 2017

Self storage units coming to Lebo

It appears that the plan for the location at the intersection of Mt. Lebanon Blvd. and Castle Shannon Blvd. has done a 180º. It has gone from a place for reducing excess* to a facility to store excess.

Beyond Self Storage Facilities Planned in Three Suburban Pittsburgh, PA Markets
The location in Mt. Lebanon is on Castle Shannon Boulevard by the intersection of Mt. Lebanon Boulevard. “There are no self-storage facilities in Mt. Lebanon and the Castle Shannon Boulevard location is superb, so we’re very excited about the potential opportunity to offer a Class A storage option to the local community,” noted Hagedorn, “and, this might be one of our more challenging sites to work with given the severe topographic challenges”.

This is a much needed facility for Mt. Lebanon residents who have too much stuff and have no place to store it. It will also benefit the families of those who will be moving to the new development on Connor Road.

*LA Fitness


Anonymous said...

Scooped the "official" MTL Public Information Office once again!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can hide the deer in these storage units while the garden bullies' tulips are in bloom.


Anonymous said...

Not the location that the LA fitness was going on. If you look at the map it is before the FNB Bank on the same side.