Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sierra Club endorses Bob Lee - not the other guy

10 Minutes Sunday Noon front of Rec Center

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Sierra Club brought Bob Lee news.  Both Bob and his opponent Steve Silverman applied for Sierra’s endorsement.  Both filled out the same long, detailed application.  Both were interviewed too.  After the examination the Sierra Club endorsed Bob Lee for Mt Lebanon Commissioner: 

“[I]n recognition of your demonstrated commitment to protecting the environment.”

Sunday at Noon at Mt Lebanon Earth Day, Bob will address a special group.  In just 10 minutes, he will speak in specifics about his commitment to our children, public health and the environment. 

Please join Bob for his 10 Minutes This Earth Day address.

*     Noon
*     In front of Rec Center
*     Main Park
*     Mt Lebo Earth Day Celebration

An email forwarded to me from Bob Lee:

...I will be laying out why I think you should support me for the Mt. Lebanon Ward 2 Commissioner seat in the primary. If you're receiving this email you've known me from one of a number of places. From my fund raising with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, one of the benefits our band has done for people who needed a little help, relay for life participation, my work on the Mt Lebanon Democratic Committee or countless campaigns because I grew up believing the phrase "We the people" was telling me to help someone achieve a goal.

Around campaign partners will probably be gathering people near the doors to the Hockey rink so I can tell you why I'll be the best candidate for Mt Lebanon to Save Money while helping to join the leaders in the nation into Environmental Sustainability and what we can do about a couple Public Health issues in Mt. Lebanon that I hear about a lot when knocking doors.

Bob Lee

P.S. I received the PA Sierra Club endorsement of my campaign on Earth Day.


Jason Margolis said...

I guess killing deer and supporting cancer-causing turf for kids to play on doesn't do it for Sierra.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly, Jason. Next, Silverman will be asking for the Humane Animal Rescue's endorsement.