Tuesday, June 6, 2017

If it is less than one minute, then it isn't sexual harassment.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and wants to share her story with everyone, now that her child has officially graduated. 

Niko has officially graduated from Pathfinder! I will never be able to thank them enough for all they have done to help recover him from what "a nations top school district did TO HIM!
Tim Steinhauer showed up and actually thought I would let him get near my Niko! HA! This fine Superintendent of MTLSD, didn't even know the name of the only educational specialist MTLSD HAS HAD worthy of the title. Guess why? Well yes, he doesn't care and also because they are in 2 different buildings, yep, all you Lebo fans, the district FORGOT to add the special education offices in their new quadrillion dollar building. or maybe they just hid them.....mmmmm.

One highlight of my morning

Telling Tim, he will not get near, touch or stand up with my son while Mr. Houck hands him his diploma. Wonder what the other 5 Superintendents there thought as they each had a moment with "their graduating student"
More to come.

I will now post a letter written in 2010 that was signed by Brian McFeely, a now Principal at Mt. Lebanon High School.

This principal claims to be trained to investigate any sexual harassment. And his professional findings were that it was less then a minute.

Because it was another special needs students we only asked for a specialist to speak with the class about appropriate touching. Read on as it get more interesting.

All I asked for was a sexual education consultant for special needs adolescents, the state had none....can you believe

Note: Read Tom Moertel's 2010 interview with Sadie on Blog Lebo here. Mt. Lebanon Mom Holds School District Accountable By Blogging

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it seems like if the problem isn't everybody's problem, then it is no ones. Sorry for your ordeal. I can imagine it well. Congrats on the graduation and keep speaking up because you inspire and empower others.

-Mary Edgarly