Sunday, February 28, 2016

I hate to be lied to

Over the past couple days, I have been having an email exchange with Dr. Tony DeNicola. the man who has a doctorate in bait. Below is a continuation of the email exchange that I had shared in my last post.

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No problem at all.  I am still assessing how well our mechanical feeders are working at timing deer arrival times with some different baits.  We are trying to get the deer to come predictably after dark, so that is very difficult.

I will give it another week or so.  We still have plenty of time before the permit expires at the end of March.


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"They also like peanut butter, apples, syrup, and pretty much anything else you would feed a five year old according to other posts. Good luck with the kool-aid. I'm sticking with corn."

We were told that you started baiting over a month ago. I'm am trying not to sound snarky,  but sincerely, I would think you would have some idea as to what bait has worked and what mechanism you are using to distribute it by now. Do you have an estimate as to when you will have it sorted out? This week? Next week?


Elaine Gillen

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We are still sorting out the best method.  Once we have better data I will let you know.


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Yes, thank you for your response, Tony. I can understand that bait is a regional thing. From what I've learned at commission meetings, Mt. Lebanon deer are not picky eaters. So what did you end up using here? Also, what method of distributing the bait are you using?
Thanks in advance for your clarification.

I had originally made a mistake typing Aaron's email, so I have added his correct (I hope!) email address. Sorry about that, Aaron.

Elaine Gillen

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Baiting is more of an art than a science.  We use a multitude of options depending on what the local deer seem to prefer most, what is available, and relative cost.  It can be apples, deer feed, corn, alpha pellets, etc.  We place bait out at each location where we are active, primarily on private properties throughout the municipality typically several weeks in advance of getting started whether it is for capture purposes or for lethal management programs.

I hope this helps,


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I have photos of the baiting being done at the golf course and at McNeilly - which wasn't to be part of the public areas.

Access to the golf course is from Arch Street in Castle Shannon.

Piles of corn in golf course

Piles of corn in the golf course

Woods below the golf course

Access to McNeilly is right by the creek behind the golf course. Go up the driveway on McNeilly.

Piles of corn in McNeilly

Piles of corn in McNeilly

Tuffs of fur, no blood at McNeilly

Piles of corn in McNeilly
If a Lebo Citizens reader can get the GPS coordinates, it would be helpful. There was no evidence of tree stands or trail cameras.

This is Tony's high tech system of baiting. No mechanical feeders. What a bullshitter. I always told my kids that if they did something bad, that's one thing. But to lie to my face made it worse. I hate to be lied to.


Anonymous said...

Shame on him. Shame on all of them. They are all sleazy. Question: Where there any structures resembling tree stands near any of this bait? If not, where will the marksmen be shooting from? Or, where have they shot from? I think the killing has begun. The baiting started weeks ago.

Barbara S. said...

With no one watching the "fox at the hen house"...we have no particular reason to believe that they are doing ANYTHING from the agreed-to fixed, elevated positions. The community should be in panic mode but is, instead, hibernating through this living nightmare! Ignorance is NOT bliss: IT IS IGNORANCE! I HOPE none of the sleep-walking citizens of Mt. Lebanon comes to harm at the hands of these traveling hucksters. THESE GUYS COULD SELL SHOES TO SNAKES!