Thursday, February 4, 2016


Hi Everyone,

Mt Lebanon is getting ready to recognize the residents who have volunteered, sacrificed and made a difference for all of us. I am emailing a completed 2016 Community Service Award nomination form to Susan Stroyd. I am asking all of you to do the same. The best way to explain what I am talking about is to refer to the nomination form. Quoting from the nomination form, "Residents are invited to submit nominations for the award, which will honor a resident 'whose volunteer efforts demonstrated creativity, vision, leadership adn citizenship by providing service to programs and activities that positively impact the welfare of the Mt Lebanon community.'"

In all sincerity, can anyone think of a single person who is more deserving than Elaine Gillen?

My choice for Elaine Gillen is because she is the perfect example of a resident whose, “ …volunteer efforts demonstrated creativity, vision, leadership and citizenship by providing service to programs and activities that positively impact the welfare of the Mt Lebanon community." For over five years Ms. Gillen has dedicated her life to protecting the civil rights and the civil liberties of Mt Lebanon residents by:

  • Promoting an open exchange of dissenting viewpoints in a civil manner
  • Standing up to bullies who flash their law credentials in an attempt to stifle free speech while promoting their own self-interests 
  • Identifying and reporting on waste, fraud and abuse in local government
  • Heightening awareness concerning the mechanics of Mt Lebanon government and scrutinizing over the actors that hold responsible and accountable political positions
  • Protecting our environment by promoting socially responsible policies that protect innocent wildlife
  • Articulating a clear vision for our suburban community – one that promotes a safe, clean and loving home for our children and our families.
  • Encouraging voter registration and citizen participation in local affairs
  • Promoting local small businesses
  • Faithfully paying the horrendous local taxes that have stifled growth and driven residents from their homes for years. 
  • Journalistic integrity - Ms Gillen has truthfully and without bias or compensation provided a clear and concise account of local government news. Ms Gillen has no bias or motives to promote individuals, groups or businesses when she selects topics or writes about individuals in the spotlight.

    Please join me by completing and emailing a form to Susan Stroyd (

The forms are available for download at:

Thank you all,

John David Kendrick


Anonymous said...

thank you John,, I get right on that.. what a treasure she has been to us..
and to Erin Vuono,, who commented on the PG article about the protest... NO we will not go away!!! we have to right to disagree our commissioners..

John David Kendrick said...

I asked Elaine to post my paragraph that is requested on the reward application. For those of you who are pressed for time, please feel free to cut and paste my paragraph on your application.

Thank you again Elaine for everything that you have done.