Saturday, February 13, 2016

Phase 2 "Sharpshooting"

I hate to use the word "sharpshooting" because it is not. White Buffalo is the "nonprofit" company hired by Mt. Lebanon commissioners to coordinate the archers and now - Phase 2 - to do the shooting with high powered rifles in our community. They are not Navy SEALs, by any means.

The first private property identified for Phase 2 is

This may look familiar to some of the Lebo Citizens readers. It is behind Shady Lane. The Perri house is on the right. The golf course is to the left of the photo. Massachusetts resident Amy Castor was fined $1100 for walking on the path behind the Perri home and taking photos of the police officers and the dead deer. Evidently, the four deer that were killed early October were not enough for the Perri's. They are now part of Phase 2. What is troubling to me is that the shooting on the golf course is from 6 PM to 11:00 PM Monday through Friday. However, the location of the Perri tree stand facing the golf course permits shooting seven days a week from 4 PM in the afternoon since it is on private property. Our tax dollars are paying for this!

I am glad to see that killing these deer will reduce deer/vehicular collisions on the golf course. There have been far too many deer/golf cart collisions.


Anonymous said...

The PA Game Commission is sincerely lacking any decency or sanity. It's shameful that this organization has any role in PA much less Mt Lebanon. Our commissioners are taking advantage of their irresponsible policies and procedures.

Glad to hear the organization is experiencing cutbacks.

Anonymous said...

unfrickin believable.. these people buy houses in the wooden area vs maybe a cut through street like Shady drive e or w.. or mapleton.. etc etc AND they don't want to see any wildlife??????