Friday, November 4, 2016

Another done deal

There is a public hearing at MONDAY's commission meeting on the budget and proposed tax increase.  But on the same agenda, Mr. Fiscally Responsible Republican Commissioner will be introducing Bill 8-16, fixing the tax rate to 4.76 mills. It is currently 4.51 mills.

Please explain why the commissioners are going through the motions to have a public hearing when they are introducing ordinances to raise the millage. Another dog and pony show. While Mr. Fiscally Responsible McLean ran to kill deer, he also ran to be fiscally responsible and not raise taxes. Why do you uphold the first part of your platform, but not the second, Steve? Both are proof that you are NOT fiscally responsible.

Think about that, when you listen to the charlatan pitch his sharpshooting plan during your commission discussion session on Monday night. He gets thirty minutes to discuss it, Steve.

Maybe the commission will consider hitting up the Virginia Manor residents for the next round of deer killing. Another option is to consider recruiting Mt. Lebanon's finest ladies and the three page poster child in this month's mtl Magazine to raise the funds.

None of the other honorees were fine enough for the photo

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Anonymous said...

Who are the two old crows in the third photo. They look like sisters.