Friday, November 4, 2016

Releasing old posts again

I have republished about a hundred posts that were up when the blog was private. I had forgotten about this one and thought it would be timely with Election Day on Tuesday. The constable was called because of me

So will there be a third board? We have Gary Johnson and Jill Stein running for President. Where will Tommy Dunn let their supporters post signs, since he is the Sign Police? He wouldn't permit me to post my sign on the Republican bulletin board even though I am a Republican. Or it may be because I am not one of the good old boys, not sure. Certainly they pose as much of a threat to Trump as I did to Steve McLean, which was zero.

I hope someone challenges the Mt. Lebanon Republican Committee chair this year. Nobody has ever been able to prove that the "Republican" bulletin boards were provided by the MLRC. The school district was not able to produce any information.

Watch out, Tommy, there might be a woman president in your future, since there are two women running for President this year. Guard those bulletin boards!

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