Monday, November 14, 2016

If anyone has info on this, please contact MLPD

I received an anonymous email today. The parent didn't want to provoke them, in case there was intent to harm, and later contacted the police and the school district. Here is the email:

I am a mt Lebanon parent with a daughter in Kindergarten. Today while 
playing with my daughter on the Lincoln elementary school playground three 
kids in dark clothes, wearing hoodies walked in a slow intentional way 
through the playground. One was wearing a clown mask that looked like it 
was purchased at a Halloween store. The other two were wearing
Gas masks. I approached the individual wearing the clown mask, asked her if 
she was aware of the threat, and asked her to leave the park, and not wear 
the mask near a school or park in the future. She was resistant and 
defensive and may not have left if I did not reference the raised police 
awareness. They appeared to be young teenagers. The clown was a female. The 
other two appeared to be male.

Please contact Mt. Lebanon Police by dialing 911 or emailing the police chief at if anyone has more information concerning this situation.

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Anonymous said...

While there is no anti-mask law in Pennsylvania,
this guy pled guilty to disorderly conduct: