Sunday, January 22, 2017

Haters Gonna Hate

I just canceled my 20+ year PAID subscription to People Magazine. I want to be entertained by actors, not lectured.

Some may feel the same way about me, but my blog is free and admittedly biased, mixed with documentation and opinion. It is a private blog. Readers have the option of not reading Lebo Citizens.

When People Magazine ran a multi page story about Hillary Clinton prior to the election, I suddenly realized that I was being manipulated. It went downhill from then on. I canceled my 30+ year subscription to the Post-Gazette when I realized John Hayes was the PIO's puppet. I wish I could cancel my mtl Magazine subscription, because I do pay for that crap through my taxes, but I have no way to opt out.

The Almanac may be printing their article about my legal case on Wednesday. I am dreading that day because the anonymous, hateful people will be in full force, like they are with every other story that appears in the media. I do admit that my life has become more peaceful since I stopped the trolls here. The poster who used the name "Sylvia Plath" did so with my permission.

I knew I made the right decision to change my policy to comment here, when I received this anonymous comment, "You're just incredibly fun to mess with.


Richard Gideon said...

Unless they've changed their policies neither the Post-Gazette nor the Almanac will publish a letter to the editor unless it is signed. The "anonymous" posters will plead their right to be comment anonymously. They do indeed have that right, and they can go outside and comment all they want. However, as the owner of this Blog it is your right to decide who you will or will not allow on your property.

Since the change I'm going to guess that your readership has not suffered. It is how many people you reach, and not how many comment, that is the true measure of success.

E. T. Gillen said...

Richard, the PG and The Almanac have changed their comment policy, not their letter to the editor policy. The PG is not monitored by the PG, but an outside firm. Jason Margolis can fill you in with the details. When Luke Campbell called, I mentioned the anonymous, hateful comments. He said they will "try" to monitor that. All the newspapers permit online comments signed with pen names. We all know who "Pass Time" is, but that is just one name that quickly comes to mind. I am dreading the publication of The Almanac article. I will be called all sorts of names, as I am here. A person shouldn't have to live like this. There are some real bullies out there.

Richard Gideon said...

I referenced the "letter to the editor" angle as an example of a requirement to backup one's ideas with one's name. I know about the online comment policy of those publications, but I find it difficult to understand how they justify a requirement to sign one's work in the case of a letter to the editor, but not in an online comment. Of course, the Almanac and the Post-Gazette are private, for-profit corporations and they may establish any ground rules they wish, so I will acknowledge their right to contradictory policies.

You know, it wouldn't be so bad if some of these anonymous posters could govern their thoughts in such a way that they come out "in print" in a coherent manner. Spirited debate is highly desirable; spirited defamation is not.