Monday, January 2, 2017

Tony Spills the Beans UPDATED

Tony admits that the archers are being reimbursed for their supplies, funded by taxpayers! Mt. Lebanon hired White Buffalo to reduce deer/vehicle collisions, not to focus on addressing residents' complaints on their properties. We all knew it is about the gardeners, and not trying to reduce deer/vehicle collisions. Tony also admits that he was hired to avoid media attention. Everything is a secret. See highlights in email exchange below.

"Deer numbers"

Update January 2, 2017 4:32 PM Oops! Tony has said too much. Keith is taking over now. Sorry, Nick. You've been shut off. Again.


Anonymous said...

The most obvious question is how many complaints has the municipality received about deerand in what neighborhoods.
They could easily divulge that information without invading the privacy of the property "donors."

E. T. Gillen said... The municipality will tell you that they received zero complaints. All complaints are to be sent to Tony at White Buffalo. It is the perfect arrangement. For the commissioners and manager.

Ten years ago, the USDA Wildlife Services provided a map of MTL with dots showing where the kills generally occurred. Now we get nothing.

The commissioners voted for "sharpshooting" to begin Feb. 1 through March 31, without the full program summary, which will be released after January 28, 2017.

This is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

"Your tax dollars are being spent very judiciously...", sez who, Tony?

He's full of shit. With spending approaching $200,000 and countless manhours by municipal employees, commissions, volunteers and taxpayers what do we have to show for it?

The "gardners" are still bitchin' and the deer accidents have gone up too.

Tony needs to go!

We might want to take a look at some elected officials and municipal employees as well.

Anonymous said...

So Elaine, the municipality received no complaints?
Then why are we sending taxpayer money to White Buffalo?
If it's to reduce deer/vehicle accidents White Buffalo has failed miserably and should be gone.

Anonymous said...


I am taking a long look at who can best Silverman in May's primary and/or November's general election. He's gotta go. Any takers?

Brumfield is finally stepping down at the end of 2017. His seat is also up for grabs in May. Any takers?


Anonymous said...

5:25, surely the LeboGOP should have or be courting candidates that believe in the Repubiican Principles.
Otherwise what good are they?

Anonymous said...

5:25 aren't nomination petitions circulated next month ? I can't help but feel that we're stuck with theguy who can't look at woman above the neck !

Anonymous said...

Read McGill's note carefully.
He says he'll provide a "response", he didn't say answers!

Anonymous said...

Yes, nomination petitions for the two commish seats will be circulated next month. Or, maybe March. I think that the Lebo GOP and the Lebo Dems should merge. There is really no difference between them.

Anonymous said...


You noticed, too? That's our boy.

E. T. Gillen said...

8:58 PM and 5:37 PM, you're both right. Nomination petitions can be circulated starting February 14, until March 7, 2017. Here is the election calendar for 2017.