Saturday, January 7, 2017

Yes, it's true

Woman still fighting to learn details about Mt. Lebanon deer cull

Don't worry, Folks. I'm not wasting your tax dollars. It falls well below the cap that Mt. Lebanon and Buchanan Ingersoll have set. Commissioner Steve "It's free" Silverman will tell you that it isn't costing Mt. Lebanon anything. Maybe he will mention that during the next Commission Discussion about the Unity Rally.

I have not pushed my "gofund me" because I got quite a bit of criticism for asking for help with Mt. Lebanon's appeal against me in Common Pleas Court. 

One of the Trib commenters wrote "Elaine Gillen needs a job. 10 to 1 odds she gets unemployment, aid to dependent children, WIC, foodstamps, free obamacare, section 8 housing, etc." Mike, I say to you I wouldn't make any bets if I were you. It is expensive to get to the State Supreme Court, but the only government assistance I am receiving is Social Security. "Not really" joking about human culling requests is highly inappropriate. I'm surprised that the Trib approved your comment, while reporting thirteen innocent people were gunned down, killing five in the Ft. Lauderdale Airport.


Anonymous said...

Great investigative reporting by the Trib reporter!

"After the archery program, a firearms cull will follow from Feb. 1 through March 31, according to the township's website. The goal is to cut by half the number of deer-involved car crashes over five years."

That's the way to really be a good reporter, just pick up the PIO BS and by all means don't ask questions. Like for instance, why has the accident rate gone up after two years of culling and nearly $200,000 in expenditures.

That's a helluva way to cut the number of crashes.

No wonder the Trib is losing readership.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was interesting that the title of the article began with "Woman..." instead of "Resident...."

Anonymous said...

That's just how article headlines are written... "Pittsburgh Man...." "Greentree Woman..." now you're looking for problems. Jeez.

Anonymous said...

but it doesn't say Mt. Lebanon Woman says Woman.

Anonymous said...

well it does say "Mt. Lebanon deer cull" so saying it twice would be redundant.

Anonymous said...

Why are our commissioners so bewildered by the rise in DVC after the initialing deer cullings.
Do they have Alzheimer's or something?
Fraasch wrote about what would happen after culling in her 2015 Commissioner's Column report.

" Our Commission also has learned of a phenomenon called “rebounding,” where deer reproduce in higher numbers if many are killed in a short period of time. After researching this, I believe it makes sense. More food + more space = more production. Experts have told us that after a municipally supported archery or sharpshooting program, the deer population could return to its current number within a year or two and increase in subsequent years. A lethal only program would be a never-ending cycle of killing deer. Tax dollars would be wasted, if a lethal program skipped a year due to a change in priorities, financial challenges or Commissioners who found lethal methods unsuitable."

So, what was predicted happened and they vote to waste more tax dollars.
Keep voting for these fools Lebo.

Anonymous said...

I saw that OOR posted Elaine's latest appeal:

I saw a deer run through a yard today with the "not in my yard" signs. This observation was 2 doors up from the "eat more venison" yard sign on another property. It's as if the deer could read. Of note, the "eat more venison" yard has a bird feeder and no fencing. I hope this resident isn't leaving "residue" under her bird feeder to feed the deer because that would be a violation of Ordinance 501.2. Surely, a deer killing "eat more venison" person wouldn't be feeding the deer at the same time she wishes to kill them. That would just be such an unfortunate bubble violation.