Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Freudian slip?

Mares eat oats and lambs eat oats and little lambs eat ivy....at Community Day now in Mt. Lebanon Park!


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Rob Ulery Wait. What do does eat?

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Laura Pace Lilley Dangit! Does eat oats!

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1 hr

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Elaine Trigg Gillen Does eat flowers in Virginia Manor. Does were written out of the lyrics.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Sincere question- is there anything the school board/municipality does right in your opinion?

E. T. Gillen said...

Sincere answer- not much.

Anonymous said...

Sincere question 7:33- is there anything the school board minimalist does wrong in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Correction @ 9:47
Municipality not minimalist

Anonymous said...

Let's vote out the school board members who live near, drink and dine with, and provide no oversight to and demand no accountability from Tim. I think then you will see a more effective board. Not one that everyone agrees with, but one that will - at a minimum - hear out reasonable questions/concerns and provide thoughtful responses.