Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hmm. Very strange.

The July 17, 2017 School Board Meeting Agenda has been published. Typically, the superintendent's annual salary is voted on by now. Last year, Timmy received his $20,000 merit pay for doing a satisfactory job on June 20, 2016, in addition to his amended contracted salary increase. As of yet, the school board has not voted to accept Timmy's contracted salary increase. Former school board director, Scott Goldman always objected to the formality of voting on an annual contracted salary increase. Is this year different?

What this Joint Discussion/Regular Meeting does include is the closeout agreement of Timmy's church:
Lutheran Church Parking Agreement – We are concluding our agreement for supplemental parking at the Lutheran Church lot now that the high school construction is nearing its end. The Solicitor’s Office has prepared a closeout agreement that includes final payment for restoration of the parking surface. The Superintendent recommends approval of this agreement. 
Lutheran Church Parking Agreement - RESOLVED, That the Board approves the Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church release agreement and amendment to provide for the termination of the license parking agreement and allowing the church to complete the restoration of the parking lot as per their low bid from Pittsburgh Asphalt Co. in the amount of $24,550. The Board has previously approved $27,500 per the capital project list for this work. 


Anonymous said...

What's up with item #4?
A air wash system ($29,000) for the newly constructed pool?
Shouldn't that have been something included in the initial design of the pool or was it one of the items overlooked to keep the HS project from going to referendum?

Anonymous said...

Another cost overrun. Time for another bonus and a big old raise for Tim!

Anonymous said...

What's going on with the pool air quality? There's got to be a story behind the air wash system. Hasn't the air quality of the pool come up before?

Mary E

Anonymous said...

The air wash system should have been included in the design of if the pool overall. I guess someone was asleep at at the wheel.

E. T. Gillen said...

Is it listed in the 197 cost reductions?

Anonymous said...

Could Items #111 and #133 have anything to do with it?
Any experts out there?

Anonymous said...

So many issues with the design of the pool. The electronic board wasn't working earlier this month because of the way it was wired (or something). The lockers aren't big enough to hold a standard swimmers backpack. The original viewing area railing, while to code, was absurdly short. At first, the first row was roped off until a taller one was installed. Even the one in place now may not likely stop an adult who trips from dropping onto the deck below.