Friday, July 7, 2017

Tied with BETHEL at #10

Here are the Pittsburgh metro's 10 wealthiest ZIP codes - Pittsburgh Business Times

#10 15228 Mt. Lebanon/Bethel Park
#9   16606 Cranberry
#8   16046 Mars
#7   15143 Sewickley
#6   15238 Fox Chapel
#5   15015 Bradford Woods
#4   15241 Upper St. Clair
#3   15367 Venetia
#2   15090 Wexford
#1   15142 Presto


Anonymous said...

Jeez. 15228 contains portions of Bethel, including Lincoln Pointe Apartments. Thus, not a tie. But what's a little misinterpretation when there's a snotty point to be made? Are you ever going to learn this lesson?

In truth, I wish 15228 was lower. Economic diversity is good.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet we're #1 in spending to kill deer!

Oh, and municipal magazine/public information office payroll.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand your point 1:25 pm.

Are you saying that Presto, Sewickly, Cranberry, Wexford etc. aren't economically diverse or that somehow they'd be "better" communities if they placed lower in the survey?

Anonymous said...

Population density plays a role in these findings. Mt Lebo has its share of very wealthy people but there is significant economic diversity in this densely populated area, while some of the other towns listed are more uniformly relatively wealthy but with significantly lower population density, i.e. Fox Chapel, Sewickley, etc.

Mary E

Anonymous said...

This is kind of elitist don't you think.. good GOD! We're the same as the poor hicks in BETHEL! Get a grip, Elaine.

Anonymous said...

Wait... based on zip code... so if that zip contains portions of both, it would always have to be a tie to make this list. If it were first, it would have been a tie. This isn't even saying that Bethel and Lebo are the same. What was your point here again? Just being another Lebo elitist while pretending to hate the Lebo Elites? Got it

Anonymous said...

I'm saying that the top zip codes' residents, as the survey indicates, are homogenously wealthy. Rich white people are birds of a feather and do as the idiom prescribes. America has become a self segregating society, one in which we have fewer opportunities to interact with people different than ourselves. If 15228 placed 50th in the list, it would follow that there would be more economic diversity, which is a-ok-super-fantastic with me. The top zip codes become callous and the bottom zip codes become unexposed to examples of success because neither end see how the other end lives.

E. T. Gillen said...

5:01 AM, I live in the 15234 zip code, Castle Shannon. Municipal engineer and Virginia Manor resident, Dan Deiseroth considers Rockwood Park as the outskirts of Mt. Lebanon. We're the same as the poor hicks in CASTLE SHANNON.

Anonymous said...

How come 15243 isn't in the top 10?