Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another board emasculated by the Commission

For anyone keeping score, another board has been emasculated by the Commission. Let's see. So far, the Environmental Sustainability Board, the Parks Advisory Board, and the Planning Board have told us that the Commission voted on November 25 for a project that no one knew about. I have published the ESB's statement about being misrepresented by Kristen Linfante, commission liaison. I published the August 2013 Planning Board agenda prior to any concrete plans about the project. During a Sports Advisory Board meeting, the Parks Advisory Board liaison admitted that the PAB had not been informed.

No public hearing occurred. Boards were not informed. The vote came down to three commissioners - Dave Brumfield, Kristen Linfante, and John Bendel. Kristen let it be known that they are the decision makers and don't need any input from boards. 

Don't forget to attend tonight's meeting at Wildcat and Middle Fields, starting at 6:00 PM.

I would like to add that the Trib's Mt. Lebanon residents stand against turf project article made reference to the April 30 ESB meeting. The location has been determined. It will be held in the Municipal Building. The flyer for the meeting is here


Anonymous said...

The April 30th meeting is not an ESB meeting.

Anonymous said...

The entire community of Mt Lebanon has been emasculated. So maybe each and every resident can stop and ask themselves if s/he would want their back yard or front yard turfed? Do you want your neighborhood park turfed? Do you want surface water from toxic chemicals flooding your backyard?

If you don't want that for yourselves, why would you want that for your neighbors on Cedar Boulevard and Vee Lynn Drive? It speaks to the character of Mt Lebanon as a whole as to whether this project is successful.

If Mt Lebanon residents don't stand together against this project, a precedent of unchecked power and law breaking will be there for future commissions and administrators to learn from and emulate.

How much does Mt Lebanon care for one another?

Anonymous said...


• aniline
• arsenic
• barium
• benzene
• benzothiazole
• cadmium
• chloroethane
• chromium
• cobalt
• copper
• halogenated flame retardants
• isoprene
• latex
• mercury
• methyl ethyl ketone
• methyl isobutyl ketone
• naphthalene
• nickel
• nylon
• phenol
• pigments
• polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
• polyester
• rayon
• styrene - butadiene
• toluene

E. T. Gillen said...

12:23 PM, I am doing the best I can. Fine. It isn't a meeting. It is an educational forum sponsored by _____. Better?

Anonymous said...

12:23 pm. Why isn't the meeting on April 30 an ESB meeting? If the commission can make up their rules while they go along, you can too! You haven't been heard, your commissioner lied on videotape regarding your views, and the environmental impact of synthetic turf has not be shared with the general public.

Anonymous said...

Add one more Board ignored, I believe.
Didn't the zoning board advise against the Field Sign Ordinance?

Anonymous said...

Still haven't confirmed the zoning board's opposition to field signs, but the Planning Board opposed them.

"Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Almanac: Mt. Lebanon divided on sign ordinance
When Mt. Lebanon Commission President David Brumfield introduced the idea of corporate advertising signs being permitted and regulated in new areas of the municipality, commissioners hoped it would be a source of revenue for Mt. Lebanon. 

But the Mt. Lebanon Planning Board has concerns about the ordinance, and on March 27, the planning board voted against recommending adoption of the proposed ordinance. 

At the commissioners April 23 meeting, a public hearing was held that allowed members of the planning board and residents to voice their opinions about the ordinance."

Anonymous said...

Places that actually protect kids don't allow those sorts of signs in a recreational setting that also has motor vehicle traffic. By inviting drivers to read all of those additional advertisements while increasing the number of pedestrians of all ages, including children, the Turfing Commissioners are, again, creating yet another hazard for the children.

I'd like to see the traffic studies supporting the installation of advertisements in a recreational park alongside a road categorized as collector.

Next stop: Traffic board.

Now that is funny.