Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another "helpful" LeboALERT

What number do we call? Where are the details? We only have 7.5 hours to call, so please respond quickly!

From:LeboALERT <>
To:EGillen476 <>
Subject:LeboALERT: Woody Waste Curbside...
Date:Thu, Apr 24, 2014 9:00 am

This is an important notice from LeboALERT.

Woody Waste Curbside Pickup – Saturday, April 26th.  Must call for reservation 
by today at 4:30 p.m.  Please see website for details.


For up to date municipal information visit:  -  -  -

Also tune to Comcast channel 17 or Verizon FIOS channel 34.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we should all call the PIO office and ask. It sounds like they're coordinating the effort.

Anonymous said...

Woody Waste, Electronic Recycling and Paper Shredding events dates and phone numbers are included and featured in the flyer insert in an issue of mtl magazine, which not all residents and taxpayers receive or read if they do, a month or so ago. The Woody Waste curbside pickup schedule shown is for "Saturday, April 26th. Reservation required; please call 412-343-3403". Why couldn't LeboALERT include the phone number ?

Anonymous said...

What is Woody Waste?

Anonymous said...

Thank you to whomever posted the number. I'll see if I can get through to them. But what are they going to do with the woody waste? Please don't tell me they are going to burn it in Robb Hollow!

Anonymous said...

How much are you charged for this pickup? My neighbors have been putting this stuff out each week and it's been pickup up.