Saturday, August 22, 2015

In the name of transparency...

Steve Feller sends out a weekly Administrative Report to the commissioners and municipal staff. Occasionally, they make their way to me usually from someone who knows someone who got them from someone else. A Lebo Citizens reader suggested that I post a copy of the AR on the blog. So in the name of transparency and open government, I bring you the August 21, 2015 Administrative Report.

Highlights from this week's AR include the denial of an appeal for a 7'6" fence by a pro deer kill resident on Pueblo.

The construction of the rain garden along Cedar Blvd. and Wildcat field, to supposedly help handle the rainwater flooding fiasco, looks like it might violate the Zoning ordinance for setback requirements.

Lebo Citizens readers will see the half truths concerning Jody Maddock and the archery program.
While I am on the subject of transparency, Mt. Lebanon Commissioners held a workshop on Public Engagement. Of course, the public wasn't permitted to engage. A Lebo Citizens reader emailed the presenter, Susan Morgans, requesting a copy of the presentation. She ignored him. So this tenacious reader went above Susan Morgans and asked Steve Feller for a copy of the presentation. I particularly enjoyed the recommendations in the Public Engagement Presentation on August 8, 2015. What a hoot!


Anonymous said...

How ironic, but not surprising, that Susan Morgans ignored the citizen's request for the presentation on Public Engagement!

Anonymous said...

Page 9 of the presentation:

* Answers e-mails/phone calls/social media posts promptly

In Susan Morgans world that means "At my discretion I will answer e-mails/phone calls/social media posts promptly."

Nick M.