Friday, August 28, 2015

Scott Twp. Commissioners Reiterate - No Hunting in Twin Hills

Scott commissioners reiterated Tuesday that they have not changed their opposition to deer culling in Twin Hills Park.

On the home page of, is a nine minute audio clip of that meeting. Attorney Barbara Sollenberger did an excellent job. Thank you, Barbara!

Mt. Lebanon Commissioners should take note that Scott Township has no time clock. Ms. Sollenberger spoke for nine minutes and was treated with respect. In addition, a non-resident is permitted to speak at Scott Township meetings. Oh my!


Anonymous said...

Scott Twp. has a lot more sense than Mt. Lebanon!

Jason Margolis said...

Great job, Barbara; and great job, Scott Commissioners. Can we trade leadership for a few years?

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Barbara, Elaine, and the PG author. I also listened to the audio tape and I kept saying to myself, "this is absolutely insane". I cannot believe that Mt Lebanon has a neighboring community's elected officials stating "I don't see how they can hunt in a public park" and "I just don't think kids should be walking their dogs while bows and arrows are flying". This is so sick, barbaric and twisted.

-Mt Lebanon Refugee

Barbara S. said...

I wish the Mt. Lebanon Refugee were here to join the fray! I'm delighted that the five or so of us who have been in this for the long-haul (thank you so much, Kimberly, for the 1:30 AM notices on the phone poles!) are being joined by fresh and creative comrades. I'm sure that the Commissioners have expected us (and THIS) to just go away, and I'm sure they cannot be happy that the resistance movement is building, instead. I've told the Commissioners for years that we are not going away. I don't know whether or not the Garden Biddies have figured this out, but we're also in it to win it!

Anonymous said...

So many of us have learned the hard way that "fresh and creative" minds are NOT welcome by you long-haulers. Hence, the exodus from your camp.

Anonymous said...

Nice countdown, Elaine.

Hearing gunshots is unnerving:

People won't hear the arrows flying, I guess.

E. T. Gillen said...

Hearing gunshots complaints seem to end up on the deer incident report. It could be a murder, suicide, robbery, etc., but here in Mt. Lebanon, it goes on the deer incident report.

I sent a link to the countdown to the commissioners since they seem to enjoy watching the clock during citizen comments. Along with the countdown, I included this:

"Thank you, Commissioners, except Commissioner Fraasch. This will be the start of five months of Hell. Thanks to Jody Maddock and John Hayes of the PG for opening up the archery to all hunters. All in the name of "public safety."

Elaine Gillen"

Anonymous said...

This is what spasuzy says tonight about the gunshot;