Monday, August 24, 2015

PLEASE stop the insanity

Read Matt Santoni's last sentence in Density, divide complicate effort to cull deer in Mt. Lebanon neighborhoods

I often hear people using the words "hunt" and "cull" interchangeably, but they have very important differences.

Bait - in a hunt, no bait is used. Bait is used in a cull.
Special permit from PA Game Commission - Hunt - N/A. Cull - Mt. Lebanon will have to apply for a special permit from the PA Game Commission.
Season - Archery season begins September 19 and ends January 23, 2016 with a break around the Holidays. There are no time restraints for a cull.
Safety Zones - Archers must be 50 yards away from any structure (house, shed, dog house, garage). All safety zones are waived with a cull. 

When we had the clowns from Wildlife Services in 2006-2008, all safety zones were waived. That is why they could shoot next to my house. That is why they could shoot on private property with permission, next to people's homes who did not permit shooting. If you were against guns being fired close to you, you're out of luck. Mt. Lebanon had a special permit from the PA Game Commission. Wildlife Services baited with rotten apples.

On September 8, 2015, Mt. Lebanon Commissioners will be presented with a full proposal from Wildlife Services. Coleen Vuono is urging the Commissioners to accept the almost $90,000 proposal and hire Bubba with a gun. They are not sharpshooters! That is a misnomer. The safety report that I have posted here, on my website, and sent repeatedly to the commissioners spells that out.

Please come to the September 8 Commission meeting and ask the commissioners to stop the insanity. Mt. Lebanon is no place for arrows and bullets. 


E. T. Gillen said...

Remember how Benner was too close to Markham and Seton-La Salle because of the School Gun Free Zone Law? Well, Bubba with a gun told the commissioners how to beat that. Shooting can occur on private property right next to a school. Neat, huh?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe the plan for shooting animals on school grounds would need to be included in the Memorandum of Understanding that is required by the PA Department of Education biennially. The Safe Schools Acts requires that schools work with their local police departments on plans to ensure students are safe at school, during school activities and while being transported. The waiver of safety zones around schools to discharge deadly weapons must be included in the Memorandum of Understanding. Likewise, parameters for discharging these weapons should be detailed. School authorities stand in loco parentis. I have not seen Mt Lebanon's Memorandum of Understanding but I would be curious to see whether it includes permission for archery or sharpshooters during school hours, after school activities, and/or while students are walking to and from school.

E. T. Gillen said...

If they would only tell us which private properties will be hosting archers. Now that John Hayes is promoting independent archers, our kids don't stand a chance. We live in a horrible community.