Thursday, November 12, 2015

Celebrate Rat Amnesty Day

At 5:30 tonight, the commission will be discussing Public Works and Recreation Departments line items in the 2016 Manager's Recommended Budget. During Tuesday's Budget Public Hearing, I asked specifically about Rat Control and Deer "Management."

Mt. Lebanon has decided to stop baiting for rats. They are taking a nonlethal approach by educating residents as to how to coexist with rats. Upon further investigation, Public Works has come to the conclusion that bird feeders are a contributing factor of rat infestation. Will our commissioners be banning bird feeders next? Since rat/car collisions are at an all time low and rat complaints are nonexistent with the majority of our commissioners, our commission has eliminated rat baiting from our budget.

Additional line items to be discussed tonight are the three line items for deer "management," totaling $100,000. There will be a carryover of $30,000 from 2015, which will give commissioners $130,000 to play with for deer management in 2016. For the record, Dave Brumfield will not spend $5,000 for an aerial survey to determine how many surviving deer are in Mt. Lebanon, after 4.5 months of archery.


Anonymous said...

If this was call truly about safety, there wouldn't be a problem in doing a survey.

This is about bringing various sport hunting to Mt. Lebanon.

What will be done to appease the hunters when there simply are not enough deer to kill?

Anonymous said...

Rats aren't eating the posies so there is no need to control the rats.

The garden biddies only think deer spread blame disease, so there is no need to control the rats.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is only about sport hunting although I do agree that the commissioners have embraced that idea. I think it is also about keeping the wealthy garden ladies happy and cultivating an image of Mt Lebanon of not really having any problems. In other words, the party line is that things are so good in Mt Lebanon that the commissioners there only worry about deer. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, look at the unsavory element that is being brought in, to stay!

Anonymous said...

Any word from the meeting with the realtors, as to the "type" of residents who should be encouraged to move in, besides the obvious?

Should they hate deer, have a violent streak, be pro cull?

Anonymous said...


Or be willing to pay a newcomers tax?