Friday, November 6, 2015

Color away your stress

I read on one of my creative blogs today, that adults are taking up coloring. You know, with crayons? It is an easy way to escape back to simpler times. From Pinterest:
Coloring isn’t just for kids—it’s a way for anyone to overcome stress and get back to their creative side. Some people even consider it a meditative activity. That’s why adults are hooked on coloring books.

Over 2 million copies sold worldwide since its release in 2013

I might bring some crayons with me to Tuesday's Public Hearing for the 2016 Manager's Recommended Budget. The meeting starts at 8:00 PM.

mtl Magazine

Rockwood Parking Lot

Rockwood Parking Lot
There are three line items for "deer management" totaling $100,000. Replacing the Rockwood Park upper parking lot was bumped way down below the line. Rat baiting program is being eliminated.


Anonymous said...

Nice coloring ideas, Elaine. We have the book you featured in our house and it is currently on display at B&N.

The budget is funny because there are some categories that you know they never actually spend in.... yet they "fund" it. Then, they roll the money over into unassigned funds. Traffic calming is a great example. Unless, perhaps, it costs $50,000/year for a traffic engineer to sit in meetings and come up with plans for traffic calming that never materialize.

Barbara S. said...

Clearly, they are much more adept at this shell game than we are at finding the one with the pea (still) under it. Like any good carnival midway huckster, they are certainly not above deceit and slight-of-hand if needed to win the game. (If we were flipping coins with them, they would be thinking to themselves: "Heads I win...tails YOU lose!" This is all so wrong!

Barbara S. said...

Actually, we need more rat pictures, please. Then we can put circles with slashes through them over the rats, signifying that they are under municipal protection while, at the same time, putting bull's eyes over Bambi's family (in the interest of political correctness, that is)! Otherwise, this stuff is just entirely too confusing--