Thursday, November 5, 2015

Things I learned at Foster School

No, I didn't attend school at Foster. I'm a Jefferson kid. I'm talking about standing outside Foster School for 13 hours on Election Day.

It is extremely disheartening to see how many haters live in Mt. Lebanon. One man came up to Heather Arnet's volunteer and called Heather a baby killer. He kept yelling about Planned Parenthood and repeated over and over how Heather is a baby killer. Heather is a loving mother of an autistic child and was very upset. Rightfully so. He then came up to me and asked if I support Planned Parenthood. I said, "Hey, I'm just a write-in candidate for commissioner." It was awful.

Then there are the deer haters. I couldn't believe how many voted based on that issue alone. Both Andy and Steve got their votes. People kept screaming, "Kill 'em all!" Later, I said to both Andy and Steve how one of them was going to be my commissioner and that deer are not the most important issue in Mt. Lebanon. We have speeders, pedestrians being hit or killed, kids dying of heroin overdoses, houses flooding, sidewalks and streets in disrepair. I took a lot of ribbing over the deer issue. There was a salt box next to the parking lot at Foster, and one Republican joked and said that is where they put the dead deer.

I learned that 16 deer were pulled out of the Conservation District so far. The hunter there is a moonlighting Scott Township police officer. The only complaint that the neighbor had was that the hunter had gone back one time to clean up the entrails, and the coyotes had already gotten to them.

I saw our solicitor at the Foster School and asked him how the mediation went with Scott Township the day before (Monday.) He said that he couldn't talk about it. I hope that Scott Twp. didn't back down.

Both Andy and Steve are against PAYT and the Newcomers Tax.

I learned that Coleen Vuono is capable of smiling and even laughing. Yes, she was doing both when talking with the Dems.

And this is what is most disturbing. A parent from the Goddard School told me that a couple of weeks ago, the owner of The Goddard School on Painters Run, had come to work to a gruesome discovery in her parking lot. There was a dead deer with an arrow. It was so gory that the fire department had to come and hose off the parking lot at 5:30 AM before the kids got to school. Since that is Upper St. Clair, I'm guessing that it wasn't OUR fire department who cleaned up the bloody scene. The owner is VERY upset and was unaware of the archery program going on so close to the school. These maps were shared with the owner, who then called Keith McGill.

The owners of The Goddard School are very concerned about the sharpshooting set for February. In my post The Goddard School is now open, I have the link to Keith McGill's claim that the owner is satisfied with his response. They are not!

We are living in a community of haters. I am so sad to learn that.


Lena Horne said...

Rave on, Elaine. How about my neighbor who told me that Harrisburg needs to pass strict gun control laws, after he stood at a commish meeting and urged them to vote for sharpshooting.
I do think that the deer-haters believe that the thugs who do the killing in Mt. Lebanon ARE Navy Seals. Meanwhile, they're a bunch of yahoos.

Anonymous said...

There is something seriously frightening and wrong going on here.

You have a group of pro kill people who are obsessed with killing deer in horrific ways.

Are they truly mentally ill? They must be.

I am sick and tired of hearing about what other townships do.

Other townships don't bait, corral and mass slaughter, then move to botched archery. Then to botched sharpshooting.

Other townships don't have residents yelling, "kill them all!"

Other townships follow hunting rules and aren't obsessed with killing babies, does and bucks out of season and with killing as many as they can.

Other townships don't violate safety rules.

I am afraid when I have to visit my friends and family in Mt. Lebanon. I don't want to see the mutilated and/or dead deer, I don't want to see blood on the street. I hate going through Mt. Lebanon any more.

These people are scary and evil. They need to be publicly shamed.

This is almost like an episode of the Twilight Zone. It's a never ending nightmare. My faith in humanity is shaken to the core. I truly believe there are some evil beings in Mt. Lebanon.

You can feel free repost this wherever you wish. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

Anonymous said...

There is a Huge difference between "thinning the herd", IF PROVEN necessary, while not being thrilled about it and OBSESSIVELY brutally and gleefully killing every single deer, no matter what!

Anonymous said...

There was a non lethal option offered and these terrible excuses for human beings turned it down in favor of horrific, cruel methods of killing.

The behavior that Elaine saw and heard is similar to the responses these folks gave to people on line and in various news sources, who were against the killing.

This continues to be more upsetting as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

Regarding planned parenthood: it reminds me that there are cool people in Mt Lebanon but you just wouldn't know it from looking at our local leaders for the most part. For example, Meredith McLaughlin Driscoll lives in the Markham area and she was observed handing out leaflets on behalf of a Planned Parenthood benefit she was helping to host ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. Some other parents nearly fainted. She also organized an art show at the Warhol with a theme related to the war on women's bodies.

Anonymous said...

I think Mt Lebanon suffers from groupthink in a very serious, detrimental, scary way. I mention this in response to concerns raised by readers who are alarmed by the behavior of residents. I, too, am alarmed/disgusted and I am not mentioning groupthink as if it is a benign idea that can explain away horrible behavior.

Try this very cool groupthink vaccine for more info:

Note: sometimes you have to click twice on the page to activate the "vaccine" or additional text.

E. T. Gillen said...

I have been vaccinated! Thanks for that website. That WAS very cool.

I think that the PIO is the Typhoid Mary of this dreadful disease. I wonder if that is in the job description.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any additional information about the Goddard School incident? Elaine has already provided a ton of it. I'm just wondering if there might be a photo of the deer with the arrow or a photo of the bloody mess.

Anonymous said...

Here is another concern that I am sure does not concern the witches and warlocks of the community. I got the feeling from Jody at the beginning that the archery sites would change during the course of four months. I believe he said that they were starting on private. So, at which point did we have to start using caution in the public parks and areas? Also, it is my understanding, again from Jody, that the "private property clusters" would change around during the four month archery period. So, although we know that Avon Drive is a killing field and think that Longuevue Drive is not, they could change places any day or every day. It's one of the big secrets on top of the other big secrets. Anyone else feeling uneasy about this?