Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Plan your work. Work your plan.


At the October 27, 2014 Commission Discussion Session, you, The Commission, directed J. Merlin Benner of Wildlife Specialists, to seek approval from the PA Game Commission for archery, trap and "euthanize," and sterilization. See page 14 of 16 of the November 17, 2014 Deer Management Plan.

Archery ✓
Trap and Corral ✓

According to the plan that the commission approved, the time has come to focus on sterilization. Sharpshooting was not in the plan, not until Coleen Vuono came on to the Commission. Residents were told that sterilization was to follow archery and trap and "euthanize." The public bought into your plan.

Commissioners, plan your work and work your plan. Both John Bendel and Dave Brumfield said during discussion sessions that you/they are opposed to sharpshooting. Don't be swayed by Coleen Vuono. Sharpshooting was never in the plan.

Elaine Gillen


Barbara said...


I think she's right to try to pin the Commission down as to whether this is the plan that is guiding the Commission. There are a lot of things in here, from surveying to monitoring dvcs, to education and adjusting strategies that the are not doing.

I DO see, however, on p. 12 the section entitled "Deer Control Permits/Sharpshooters," so I think this is where sharpshooting came in to the picture from their perspective.

This is incredibly frustrating and unbelievable, to read this "plan" that was developed without community input, and to see how the Commission is not using many of the non-lethal suggestions outlined in that plan, including surveying residents, which was supposed to happen in May 2015 and be followed up by annual random sampling of the community to gauge residents' changing views about deer.

Elaine, can you please share any response you get from the Commissioners to your e-mail? Thanks.

E. T. Gillen said...

Of course I will, Barbara. Don't hold your breath though. As I said last night, I RARELY get a response to my emails.