Monday, October 10, 2016

"Growing Together"

Video excerpt from a seminar on pest and deer management by Jessica Walliser, co-host of “The Organic Gardeners” on KDKA-Radio in Pittsburgh, PA and hosted by the Mt. Lebanon Public Library.

Jessica makes the same recommendations as Sandy Baker a.k.a. The Deer Doctor, had made a year ago. Plant deer resistant plants, shrubs and trees. Invest in The Scarecrow motion-sensing watering system. Have a double row of fencing using plantings or building materials.

It isn't rocket science, Folks. I wish the deer haters would take this approach rather than waste tax dollars which could be used elsewhere in the community. Which reminds me. Tonight, the commission discussion session includes the topic, Tax Rates.


Anonymous said...

It feels so *A B N O R M A L* that there are bow hunters in our community right now in people's yards. My son was walking home from school today (in the W A L K I N G school district) and he mentioned cutting through his friend's backyard near the school, where he had the opportunity to take a picture of 3 deer there on his phone. Sometimes he stops by the house with his friend, so it isn't usually alarming to hear that he went that way. Apparently, however, this is not safe at all given the mystery bow hunting sites. Thus, the story caused me some concern (!) because I had forgotten to remind him not to take any shortcuts. Those deer could be next in the firing line.

Jason Margolis said...

Taxes = the one issue that could bring the house of cards down sooner rather than later. Deer, turf, trash. The people are split. You keep hitting everyone's pocketbook, while their pocketbook is getting hit elsewhere on multiple levels, you could have a larger insurrection.

It's the financial corollary of the Vietnam War. The people loved the war, until their own kid came home in a box.

Anonymous said...

"It's the financial corollary of the Vietnam War. The people loved the war, until their own kid came home in a box."

You mean analogy? I'm trying to understand how Mt Lebanon's situation is any kind of corollary (a consequence or conclusion) of the Vietnam war.

But let's presuppose that you meant analogy. Comparing your municipal tax burden to the burden of parents losing a child in a war is INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE. I mean over the top nutso offensive.

Jason Margolis said...

9:17am, thanks for your nonsense. Point is: A docile and comfortable public is only moved when their own life and family are deeply affected. Then, they get the wake up call. Outrageous taxes in MTL fuel all the other evil... deer killing, cancer-causing turf...

Further, if you are going to quote Cypress Hill, I recommend these two as being more fitting to the MTL Madness:

"It's funny how impossible dreams manifest and the games that be comin with it nevertheless."

"Sign the deal, thinks he's gonna make a mil but never will til he crosses over. Still filling your head with fantasies come with me, show the sacrifice it takes to make the cheese."